With the MLB spring training coming up there is an incredible amount of excitement in the air. So many fan bases believe that this could be the year that their MLB team makes all the right steps into winning the division, and possibly going on to win the world series.

However, there are a number of fan bases that know that their team has no shot of winning anything this year. Some teams are in a rebuild stage, looking to acquire draft picks, some teams are financially unable to stack up to the rest of the division, and some teams will just be out right awful.

These are the teams that will be at the bottom in their division this season.

AL East: Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles fought valiantly for a playoff spot last year. ultimately, they did not achieve making the playoffs, but had such a promising season, that it makes their off-season of doing basically nothing that much more disappointing. They will have to hope that the Red Sox losing Xander Bogaerts will automatically put them in last, but knowing Boston, they will likely be more ruthless in the deadline, and finish above Baltimore.

AL Central: Royals

The AL Central has a great chance of being a competitive division once again this year. However, the Royals depth does not stack up to most of the teams in the division. It will come down to the Tigers and Royals at the bottom, and the Tigers will likely be in safer hands this year.

AL West: Athletics

The Oakland A’s will be fighting in last place of the AL West for the next few years. The A’s finished as the second worst team in all of the MLB, and they will likely be around that this season. The A’s will be praying the Angels downfall comes crashing down this year.

NL East: Nationals

The Washington Nationals are still in the rebuild stage, and they have a great chance of being the last in the division for the fourth straight year. After a 55 win season, even if they improve this season, it will likely not be enough to finish last.

NL Central: Reds

The Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates tied for the worst in the NL Central last season and it will likely be similar this season. However, due to some moves in the offseason and particularly, the exciting prospects the Pirates have, they will just tip the Reds. The Reds also have some prospects to be excited about, but not all of these prospects will be ready for this season.

NL West: Rockies

The Rockies are in the unfortunate position of playing in one of the best divisions in all of baseball. While the Padres, Dodgers, and Giants will likely be fighting for the division winning, and wild card spots, the worst in the division will likely either be the Diamondbacks or the Rockies. It comes down to the Rockies pitching, which is one of the worst in all of baseball, and will be the reason why they finish last in the NL West.