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Would you rather have an autograph or an RBI?

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In this scenario you can not have both. Recently another attack came out about how Albert Pujols is not a nice guy. He may do some nice work for charity purposes, he may have donated time to children’s research but when it comes to dealing with the public and/or fans of baseball, this writer says he is downright “not nice.”

But I am a Cardinals fan and I want results on the field. I am not a personal friend of the athlete and don’t wish to intrude on their time for conversation pieces or even autographs. I have very few of them. If it was a public event where they were given them or selling them for charity, I might secure one. In the case of Albert Pujols I want results on the field. If an athlete doesn’t do something illegal or immoral then they can do as they please. Allow them to have their time to use as they want and quit infringing on them.

Here is a snippet from the article:

Pujols does not look up—ever. He does not show emotion—ever. The fan can be a grandmother; the fan can be a 6-year-old boy. It matters not. Like 98 percent of his teammates, he’d rather be shaving wild emus than sitting here. The rest of the Cardinals, however, attempt to hide it. For a full hour, Pujols doesn’t. Because of his endorsement deal with Upper Deck, he signs only pictures and baseballs (every other player signs whatever’s presented to him). He rarely smiles, concealing any emotions (and his face) behind a pair of sunglasses.

Within the Cardinals’ organization, this has been a well-kept secret for years—that the Albert Pujols everyone wants to love isn’t all that loveable. Many familiar with Pujols aren’t surprised by his rumored contract demands—the 10 years, the $30 million annually—because the numbers meet the ego.


Before I divulge the writer, let me tell you he has written pieces about other athletes and their inabilities to like or get along with the public in a public setting. The author is Jeff Pearlman and here is the rest of the article.

We know that it is possible to be both a good guy and still get results on the field. Look no further than Jim Thome. He is one of the greatest guys you could ever meet. But for my purposes I am asking you to make a choice.

Would you rather have an autograph or an RBI?


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