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A Little Slap Happy For the Ortega vs. Jung Fight 

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A Little Slap Happy For the Ortega vs. Jung Fight. TAke a look at the upcoming fight details!

Brian Ortega and Chan Sung Jung had a fight scheduled for last December, but Ortega had suffered a knee injury and was unable to participate. Fast forward to now, the two of them, along with Jung’s friend Jay Park, just so happened to attend UFC 248. 

After roughly two hours of sitting near one another in separate row seating, Ortega decided to slap the mess out of Park because of previous trash talk once Jung went to the restroom. Oh boy, was that a wrong move. 

Odds For Main Event 

Once this event becomes official again, we will have all the slap-happy odds available. For now, we will preview the fight as if it was back in December. The odds are:

  • Jung +105
  • Ortega -135

* odds are way back to last year, so this will probably change since Jung’s best friend got slapped back to the Roman Empire. 

The Fighters 

Chan Sung “Korean Zombie” Jung (16-5-0) is ranked fourth in the Featherweight division. Most of his wins have either come by the eight submissions or five knockouts. 

His deadly one-two punch of stand up and ground game is something to fear. His stats prove it, as he has a striking accuracy of 40 percent and a grappling accuracy of 42 percent. He also lands 4.25 significant strikes a minute while absorbing 3.77 a minute. 

Brian “T-City” Ortega (14-1-0) is ranked second in the Featherweight division. He is currently on a six-fight win streak, but this does not include a slap to a civilian. His wins are composed of mostly seven submissions and four decisions. 

He has a 34 percent striking accuracy and a grappling accuracy of 17 percent. He lands 4.07 significant strikes a minute and absorbs 7.36 a min. 

I am fairly decent at math, and those numbers are telling me that he gets hit a hell of a lot more than he delivers. Somehow, with those numbers, he still only has one loss, so he must be doing something right.

Who Wins Now?

Both of these fighters have had tremendous success inside the octagon. A few months ago, this fight could have tipped in either direction. But now I think the outcome has changed dramatically with the events that have unfolded. 

If you look at Brian Ortega, he has an excellent track record of submissions. Most of his significant strikes are delivered by standing up, so he works his magic while on his feet and then manages a submission for a victory. 

But one has to wonder, how on Earth can you get hit that many times and not get knocked out? He receives nearly seven significant hits to his four that he delivers, and somehow he still manages to win. 

The Korean Zombie has been on a tear in his last few fights. He beat Frankie Edgar in his last fight that was very short notice for Edgar. The fight only lasted a few minutes. I cannot imagine what is going to happen to an opponent that Jung dislikes since he had respect for Edgar. His nickname will surely be put to the test. 

Overall, this fight is going to be a death match for one individual in particular. Ortega has now severely pissed off Jung, and I am not sure that was a smart idea going forward. With that in mind, I believe that Jung will be able to deliver a knockout now and win this match between the two of them once the new fight is finalized. 

Winning Pick: Korean Zombie Wins By Knockout 


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