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Dana White Having Difficulties Finding Backup Fighters in McGregor vs Poirier Matchup

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Dana White has stated that he has had some issues in trying to find backup fighters for the McGregor vs Poirier bout.

Dana White Having Difficulties Finding Backup Fighters in McGregor vs Poirier Matchup: After having one of the craziest years in sports, it makes sense to have some events containing a backup or something else ready to go. As for the UFC, this has been especially true and arguably one league that had done this routine exceedingly well.

One of the biggest fights of the year, McGregor vs Poirier 3, takes place at UFC 264. However, Dana White has stated that he has had some issues in trying to find fighters to be a backup should something happen to one or both fighters.

Unusual but Not Unlikely

The magnitude of this fight is something that fans want to see. For betting opportunities, this could cause some headache if one of the fighters happens to not make the fight.

On top of that, it would be worse if there was not a replacement ready to go should something happen. Even though a last-minute replacement fighter would not be exactly what fans have hoped, it is still better than nothing at all.

Potential Title Shot

Dustin Poirier is currently ranked number one in the lightweight division. With a victory here over McGregor again, he would definitely be in the discussion for a title fight against Charles Oliveira.

Dana White has not yet stated that this matchup is going to be for the title. The only thing close to this was him saying that he would have to watch the fight and see.

That does not sound like a sure thing, and this could potentially turn away some potential backup fighters that are looking for a quick way to get a title shot. In the past, there have been multiple fighters jumping on the chance to be a backup in hopes for a title shot.

Fighters That Could Do It

At the moment, no one is kicking the door down at White’s house to get the backup position. However, there are a few fighters that could take the position.

Michael Chandler is coming off of a main event fight against titleholder Charles Oliveira. The newcomer to the UFC has tasted defeat by the league’s best in the division, and if given another opportunity for a title fight, he could gladly take the backup for this one.

Beneil Dariush is another quality name that could take the backup spot. He recently came off of a well deserved decision victory against Tony Ferguson earlier this month.

Justin Gaethje is the second ranked fighter in the lightweight division and is right behind Poirier in the rankings. If he were to backup McGregor if he cannot fight, then he has a really good chance to leapfrog him in the rankings.

Will There Be a Backup?

Most likely Dana White will have a few backup fighters ready to go, just like he always does. For some reason, he does not yet have the support like he normally does for a fight of this magnitude.

There could be a few reasons why, such as Chandler or the other fighters mentioned above trying to secure their own fights for later in the year. As the fight approaches, you will likely see backups in place.

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