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Bareknuckle MMA: a new era

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It was announced just last year that former UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal would launching a new venture in the world of MMA.

It was announced just last year that former UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal would launching a new venture in the world of MMA. That being bareknuckle fighting. Yes, you read that right, bareknuckle fighting. I for one thing it is a little strange. but with the first event yet to occur, I am holding off reservations until then.

In an Interview with ESPN MMA, Masvidal said that since he’s not fighting, he would have more time to focus on introducing this new take on the Sport to a wider audience: “Since I don’t fight and I’m not at the gym four, five hours every day giving it all I got, I’m giving [promoting] all I got,” “I’m so involved in this. I’m so submerged in this. It’s what I’ve been doing for the last three years and what I’ll be doing for the next 20 years. Just promoting the fights, and giving a piece of myself back to the fans in the form of violence. But not me getting in the cage, but me orchestrating the violence.”

Change in the MMA guard

That is for sure a sales pitch that gets me excited to check out this creative spin. This is already a popular MMA sport at the time of this writing, the first event is set to take place in Miami (Masvidal Home town) tomorrow night. I as of right now I do not plan to attend so I couldn’t give you a concrete thing I would say as to what to expect. But I know I for one, I’m excited to see it turn out, to see how it compares to USC. Seeing as it is direct competition, It will be exciting to see the turnout compared to UFC events. You have this legendary former MMA UFC fighter heading a company so that certainly will be interesting to see once the time comes tomorrow.

It is interesting to note that the event will not be on television however, it will be streamed on YouTube so that is sure to have a bigger audience than your typical MMA UFC audience as many of us absorb our content on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. I think this is a smart move as with this implementation of technology-only viewing and it being live streamed, it is sure to Garner more views thus more profit for the upstart company.

I for one think it is a great idea to have a live stream because not only does it make it feel like an exclusive event to the platform, as I mentioned above the numbers that you can produce on social media are astronomical, especially with how the landscape of content is These days with more reacting to clips on sites like Twitter and Instagram instead of sitting down and actually investing time and watching a show or MMA event or what have you. I think that this new upstart MMA League will have nothing but success with the current model they are planning on utilizing.

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