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Best Fights of 2022

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The UFC has hosted six events so far this year, and they’ve been exceptional. Read this article to find out what our expert thinks were the best fights, knockouts, and submissions of the year so far.

So far this year we’ve already had some absolutely crazy fights. We’ve seen lots of knockouts, two title fights, and a whole lot of submissions as well so far this year.

I’m going to take a look at the best fights of the year so far, explain why they were so great and why you should go back and watch them. I’ll rank the best overall fights, the best submissions, and the best KO’s from 2022 so far.

Best Fights: Honorable Mention

When it comes to rating overall fights, I normally look for wars that go the distance. My honorable mention for best fight is Whittaker vs Adesanya 2.

Barely 10 seconds into the fight, Njokuani threw a perfect 1-2 over the top that dropped his Canadian foe. He followed up with four or five strikes on the ground until Barriault was out cold. It was an incredible performance in Njokuani’s UFC debut.

Number 1: Tuivasa vs Lewis

Derrick Lewis is the UFC’s knockout king. He has the most KO’s in UFC history, and had only lost to title challengers or champions in his career.

That changed on February 12th. Lewis and Tuivasa had a slow fight to start off, but got to swinging like mad men in the second round. Tuivasa was taken down at one point and worked his way back to his feet, eating many heavy shots from Lewis.

In the end it would be a few short elbows from Tuivasa that made Lewis freeze like a statue and topple over like one as well. It was perfectly timed, incredibly beautiful, and a hell of an opponent to put away the way he did.

Tai “Bam-Bam” Tuivasa would then go on to do his signature- A shooey, which is when someone drinks a beer out of someone else’s shoe. What a savage.

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