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Dustin Poirier Needs to Put Colby Covington in his Place

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Colby Covington won’t stop chirping Dustin Poirer. Read to find out where this growing feud could lead.

Dustin Poirier Needs to Put Colby Covington in his Place

After his victory over Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272 in Las Vegas, the #1 welterweight fighter in the world, Colby Covington, continues to antagonize fellow fighter Dustin Poirer.

Covington wasted no time after his unanimous victory over rival welterweight Masvidal and called out Poirier. If Poirer does not wish to fight Covington and hopes this will blow over with time; he is likely mistaken. 

Covington continues to call out Poirier going after him and even his family and recently stated, “The biggest thing about Dustin Poirier is that if he wants to keep any honor and dignity for himself, he needs to come fight me. I’ve called out his wife, his family, his team, his friend. Man, if you have any respect for yourself, you have to come and at least try. Be a trier, Dustin.”

With this continuous antagonization by Covington, one has to wonder when enough will be enough and Poirier will finally decide to settle this beef in the octagon.

Covington in the Wrong 

The fact of the matter is that Covington is taking on the villain role and he knows this. His verbal jabs at Poirier in the post-fight interview after his victory over Masvidal were completely uncalled for and definitely took away from the match he had just won.

There’s no doubt in any UFC fan’s mind about the sheer talent Covington possesses in the octagon, but it just feels like he’s setting himself up to get absolutely owned in his next bout.

He says he wants Poirier and Kamaru Usman but he should be careful what he wishes for. He’s already been defeated by Usman via unanimous decision twice, the most recent match occurring last November . It took 10 rounds but there was no question about who was the more skilled fighter in that matchup.

Even during the lead up to their first fight at UFC 245 in December of 2019, Covington came after Usman’s late coach, Glenn Robinson, who’d died just a year previously saying that Robinsom would be “watching from hell on Dec. 14.”

There’s trash talk, and then there’s that. Colby Covington escalates beyond trash talk and consistently crosses the line with his comments, and it’s time for someone to put him back in his place. 

Covington vs. Poirier 

Congratulations, Colby Covington, you defeated a 37 year old Masvidal in 5 rounds. It was a big victory for pride’s sake, but he’s letting this take over his ego WAY too much.

Covington has likely spelled the end of his former friend turned rival’s career, but a match against Poirier is a completely different story. They’re in different weight classes as Covington is a welterweight and Poirier a lightweight but that shouldn’t make anyone lose faith in Poirier’s ability to take down his potential opponent.

It’s still very much up in the air, but if these two face each other in the ring at some point in the future, it will be incumbent on Poirier to defeat Covington. You don’t let someone come after your family and get away with it.

Poirier is the quicker and more agile fighter, so it would likely take a decision for Covington to pull off the victory. Poirier is the better striker and his ability to knock out opponents is far superior to that of Covington.

Covington is a couple inches taller and about 15 pounds heavier, so if Poirier can pick his spots, his best chance to beat Covington would be by wearing him down enough to finally land that knockout blow. 

The key for Poirier will be making sure that Covington does not get him on the ground. If he can stay on his feet and bring the fight to Covington this (hopeful) future fight will see a knockout victory for Poirier.


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