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Jake Paul vs Conor McGregor Needs to happen

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Jake Paul has been hyping up a potential future fight against Conor McGregor. Read to find out what you could expect from this bout and why the MMA world needs it to happen.


Jake Paul vs Conor McGregor Needs to Happen 


Jake Paul continues to be a pot-stirrer as he is now encouraging a fight between himself and former UFC title holder Conor McGregor. The former social media and YouTube personality has publicly transitioned to a boxing career over the last year or so.

He’s beaten former professional basketball player Nate Robinson, former MMA star Ben Askren and former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley. In a boxing career that’s seen Paul fight five bouts and win each of them (four by KO), he’s now making a push to take on either Conor McGregor or Jorge Masvidal in the octagon for a one time fight at the UFC level.

Paul in the Octagon 

Anybody who has a shred of common sense knows that these are not fights that Jake Paul can win. However, his ability to promote his own fights is without question. Both Paul and McGregor are two fighters who love to be the centers of attention. 

McGregor was in a similar situation when he was promoting his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather back in 2017. Paul knows the tall task he would be facing as he stated last week, “Fighting Conor is what I want most, but would fight Masvidal as welI … know it might seem impossible to beat these guys in MMA, but when you believe, you can achieve anything. I would ask for six months to train.”

Throughout his career both on the internet and in the ring Paul has never shied away from the spotlight, and right now he’s staying true to form. McGregor has yet to personally respond to Paul’s most recent invitation to fight, but UFC President Dana White made a surprise appearance on Paul’s brother, Logan’s podcast and announced he’d be open to making the fight happen.

A bout between McGregor and Paul is something that has been floating around for a while as Paul has continuously challenged McGregor; especially in recent weeks. In addition to making waves for his own pro career, Paul has also been attempting to try to facilitate fights between Elon Musk and Vladimir Putin as well as Pete Davidson and Kanye West, offering $60 million for the latter to take place.

Make This Happen

After years of feuding between White and the Paul brothers, the UFC President has now pivoted on this issue and an appearance by Jake Paul in the octagon is within the realm of possibility.

However, in the same podcast appearance, White acknowledged that there are a lot of moving parts to this and it may not be the most manageable event to organize. The two opponents that Paul called out both have yet to respond to the challenge and this is something that likely wouldn’t be taking place until at least September as Paul stated he’d need six months to train.

Despite the uncertain nature of a potential appearance by Paul in the octagon, this is a fight that mixed martial arts at large would be better off for having happened. There are few people who know Paul’s spiel that wouldn’t be entertained by seeing him get taken down in a match vs either McGregor or Masvidal.

A fight between Paul and either of those two fighters would bring in way more viewership than a regular pay-per-view bout usually does for the UFC. Paul is both sports and popular culture and his stepping into the octagon would be a huge mixing of those two worlds.

All five of the opponents Paul has faced in the ring are non-professional, so his claim that “anything is possible when you believe” is understandably being laughed off by most who are following the developments of this story. Everyone wants to see Paul fight in the octagon because it’s obvious that he’ll finally get kicked off his high horse, but it’s just that sort of entertainment that is paramount to the UFC’s reputation these days.


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