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Most Horrific Broken Nose in MMA History

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Blake Perry has recently made his introduction to the sport of MMA, and after Sunday’s broken nose, I am unsure if he will be returning to the sport.

On July 31 at the A1 combat 4, MMA tournament Fans witnessed one of the most horrific broken noses we’ve seen in probably forever. Blake Perry has recently made his introduction to the sport of MMA, and after Sunday’s fight, I am unsure if he will be returning to the sport.

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New Blood

Perry only two fights into the sport of MMA has found himself in the headlines of many sports articles as he recently faced Marcel McCain in Stockton, California.

With no preconceived notions of Blake Perry, I had no idea what to expect before watching the fight. Once it begin it was all out bra as both fighters displayed their impressive striking ability. These fighters were deep into round 1 when blood started to pour as both fighters were cut on their face significantly.

Within the final minutes of the first round, McCain was able to get in control of the fight and land strikes to his body and face of Perry. It was here when McCain took full advantage of the fight and placed Blake Perry in a hold, allowing him to knee Perry in the nose.

Shattered Nose

Blake Perry’s nose was shattered after that devastating knee by McCain. It was truly one of the most brutal strikes I have seen in a long time. Perry’s broken nose was pointing in the complete opposite direction. This was the first thing that surprised me that night. The second thing that surprised me followed soon after which was Blake Perry wanting to continue the fight.

He showed true grit and resolve after trying to plead his case to the medical team and doctors to allow him to walk out into the ring for the 2nd round. Perry’s medical team wasn’t able to repair the damage on the spot and the on-site doctor decided to end the fight due to the severity of the injury.

Battle Wounds

Perry made a post on Instagram after the fight relaying the information about the stoppage of the fight “Unfortunately the doctor would not let me go out for the second round of my fight last night! All respect to my opponent Marcel on his hard-fought victory.” Perry followed this by celebrating the fact that he took home the fight of the night bonus and jokingly stated he may be in the ring again later in the week.

On a positive note, Blake Perry’s broken nose didn’t need surgery and was visibly seen realigning the placement of his nose with no local anesthetic just pure adrenaline and determination, there was no need for surgery. Perry is lucky that he did not require surgery after that brutal hit to the nose.

By the positioning of his nose after the hit I was sure that he would need surgery maybe multiple to repair the damage. I can easily say I have become a fan of Blake Perry and I am excited to see what’s next for him in the future of the sport.

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