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Featherweight Dilemma

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Recently in featherweight Alexander Volkanovski‘s previous fight against Max Holloway, he injured his left thumb severely inducing surgery.

The UFC has been an entertaining roller coaster these past several weeks and I am content in riding this ride to the finish. Updates on the current state of the featherweight division seemingly have found a solution to the problems in this weight class. To recap on the struggles that this weight class faces before diving into solutions.

Alexander Volkanovski has dominated the featherweight division, quickly becoming a fan favorite as well as a champion of that division. Volkanovski recently closed the chapter of his career known as Max Holloway. This display of dominance has given Alexander the confidence as well as the leverage to strategically coordinate his next fight, making it known he wants to become a two-division champion.

Usually, in a situation like this would it be possible with challengers knocking at your door but due to Alexander‘s unique placement in the featherweight division he is allowed to make this decision.

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Featherweight Alexander Volkanovski

Recently in Alexander Volkanovski‘s previous fight against Max Holloway, he injured his left thumb severely inducing surgery. With two competitors knocking at the door, the best solution is to allow Josh Emmett and Yair Rodrigez to fight for an interim featherweight champion while Alexander is recovering from thumb surgery which will have him down for around 12 weeks.

With this 12-week hiatus, it only makes sense that the featherweight division is rewarded with an interim champion for the meanwhile. All of this is seemingly and strategically playing to Alexander’s plan as when he returns he will be able to fight the undisputed champion of the featherweight division after he has healed his injury.

It’s only understandable that fans are deserving of a featherweight Champ while Alexander is out of competition.

Yair VS Ortega

Yair Rodriguez believed that after a victory over Brian Ortega That he would be deserving of a title shot against Alexander but Josh Emmett believes otherwise. In my opinion, it makes sense for the featherweight division to have its room chip if Alexander is going to be out for 12 weeks as Jair in Josh Emmett or both two top competitors of the division who are deserving of a championship fight both fighters are championship level.

Yair security victory over Brian Ortega in an unexpected injury in the first round after an attempted armlock by Yair. This created controversy as Yair won the boat but by controversial means. With all of this action going on in the featherweight division I am curious to see what route will Dana White take and Will there be an interim featherweight champion while Alexander’s out of commission.

Alexander clearly stated that he wants to be content for a lightweight championship and be able to be a dual champion of both divisions and is in every right and deserving of this. I believe the simplest solution is again to let Josh Emmet and Yair fight for its interim championship in the time being.

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