This trilogy had fans on the edge of their seat awaiting the upcoming fight as two greats of the game will be facing all for the third time. The whole fight Alexander Volkanovski looked like the better fighter. He seems to always be one step ahead of Max Holloway throughout the fight you can see Max throwing explosive jabs and persistent strikes, but Alexander was always able to avoid and dodge these attacks, he completely outclassed Max Holloway in this final fight.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Alexander Volkanovski is the best featherweight in the UFC division and has proven time and time again. Alexander beat Max Holloway in around five decisions by the judges. This was by no means a fight that was closely judged as Alexander seem to be the better fighter throughout the night.

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Featherweight Champ

Alexander Volkanovski landed a devastating blow cutting the face of Max Holloway in the second round, then on out the fight just seemed like a mis-match fight. Alexander looked like an animal out there with these devastating strikes he earned some fans and prove that he’s the number one featherweight in the division one pound for pound fighter in the game.

Holloway fought a good fight, especially after he got that cut on his eyebrow. This cut caused blood to fall on Max Holloway and exacerbated the situation. Volkanovski is just on another level though, and he was an absolute savage this fight.

The Hawaiian was simply outclassed Max Holloway . getting defeated by a fighter as great as Alexander Volkanovski is tough especially when ALL fighters of all disciplines eventually lose. Max Holloway’s best weapon is the jab which is what he uses against every other fighter but in this fight his jab wasn’t landing on Alex.

Losing three consecutive fights is a difficult streak as fans will critique your career and Max Holloway may never be looked at as a better fighter than Alexander Volkanovski.

What’s Next for Volkanovski?

As a UFC fan you can only wonder what’s next for Max Holloway after losing these three straight fights to Alexander Volkanovski. He is a veteran of the sport and there is no way that he can redeem his fighting history against Alexander. He should spend the remaining years of his UFC career fighting fights the sans want to see.

Continuing to compete in Premier fights and promote them as much as he can to get as much profit from these fights as he seemingly entering retirement. It seems that Alexander will remain the title holder of the featherweight division for a while and Max Holloway won’t have an opportunity at the belt again.

I don’t believe I am being a harsh critic of the situation I believe Alexander has proven that he is the best fighter in the division, and I have yet to see if a featherweight will be able to give him a run for his money. The end of the day both fighters will go down in history as greats of the Featherweight division.