This past Saturday, Glover, UFC light heavyweight champion, attempted to defend his title against Jiri Prochaska. This championship fight turned into an instant classic. I wrote an article before the fight excited about the upcoming bout, and I was not disappointed. With the knowledge I had of the fighters, I expected Glover to try to grapple the whole match and make it a ground game while Jiri maintains his striking game and attacks glover with an onslaught of punches. This Fight was more than I expected.

Glover Teixeira is 40 years old, and Jiri Prochazka is 29 years old. Throughout the whole fight, you can see the age difference between both fighters. Teixeira showed why he was the Light heavyweight champion, as he displayed his grappling skills in the fight. With a swift single-leg takedown, Teixeira was easily able to take down Jiri. Proceeding to full mount and rain down elbows and fists.

High-Level Skill

To my surprise, Jiri’s ground defense was very good as he was able to maneuver on the ground and compete with Glover at his own game. Using his explosive athleticism to push off the cages and reposition against the champ. Many times, Jiri was able to reverse Glover’s grapple and mount Teixeira and distribute a flurry of punches.

This was a back-and-forth fight, and each round was more electric than the previous. Jiri drew first blood with a right hook to the nose that split the upper portion. Glover responded by taking down the beast from the Czech Republic and delivering deadly elbows to the face of Prochaska, leaving a split on his eyebrow line, an injury so server the referee had to call a timeout to make sure Jiri could still see. That did not stop him as the fight continued.

Unexpected Win

The fight grew more deadly and bloody as each round continued. This Fight did not end how I expected it to. To my surprise, with 30 seconds remaining in the fight, Glover landed a devasting blow to Jiri Prochazka. This blow caused Jiri to stumble, and by pure instincts, Glover bolted toward him. This was the downfall of Glover as Jiri was able to capitalize and slip the champ into a chokehold and win the fight.

Jiri Prochazka secured the UFC light-heavyweight Championship through submission. I was shocked as Glover tapped out with 30 seconds to go in the fight. Glover was dominating the fifth round and was seconds away from successfully defending his Light heavy welt belt.

To the True fans of mixed martial arts, this fight was one for the ages. Two high-level fighters put their life on the line in the ring on Saturday night, resulting in a fight that will be remembered for ages. My eyes are set on the future, wondering if we will potentially see a title rematch. If this fight was this good, I can only imagine what a rematch would look like against these two greats of the sport.