UFC 276 was promoted to be one of the best fight cards in a while, with fighters such as Israel Adesanya Max Holloway, and Sean O’Malley it was no doubt on paper meant to be one of the best. Seemingly it turned out to be an underwhelming event.

There were displays of skill and talent and all fighters performed to the best abilities, but my predictions were off as I predicted these fights would be much more impactful to the history of the sport.

The T-Mobile Arena in Paradise Nevada hosted UFC 276 creating a huge turnout being the six-title defense for Israel Adesanya UFC fans were excited to see the fight. Sean O’Malley was also set to fight Pedro Munhoz. This fight was probably the most underwhelming of all, as it ended in a no contest.

Middle of the second round Sean O’Malley raked the face of Pedro’s Munchoz which is an illegal move and caused damage to the retina of Munchoz. The referee immediately pauses the vote and the doctor on standby determined the damage. Due to the strike being inadvertent the fight has ruled a contest.

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Trilogy Ended

Following this fight, we had Max Holloway versus Alexander Volkanovski being the completion of their trilogy as they have for twice before the meeting at UFC 276. In this fight what is the determining factor who is the champion of the featherweight division Max Holloway was ranked number one and Alexander was the current champion.

Early in the fight, Alexander landed huge right hooks that ended up splitting Max Holloway’s eyebrow line causing him to bleed. This seems to be a continuing team as Alexander seems to be the better fighter throughout the later rounds. Fumbling Max Holloway with the mini blows led to a unanimous win decision at the end of the fight.

Alexander Volkanovski proved that he is the best fighter in the featherweight division and is still the current UFC featherweight champ.

Middleweight Champ

The number two ranked UFC middleweight Jared Cannonier Took on the middleweight champ Israel Adesanya. Adesanya came out in flash style as he did his rendition of WWE Hall of Famer the undertaker as he walked out towards the octagon with the ‘ashes’ of Cannonier. This was the most interesting part of the fight as Israel Adesanya had control throughout the whole performance.

The champ used his legs to keep the distance between him and his opponent and landed quick strikes throughout the rounds. Cannonier had no answer to Israel‘s game plan and looked unable to handle His kicks. This fight went the distance and Israel looked unscathed as he won by undisputed decision.

As for what’s next for the champ he is setting his sides on fighting Alex Perera. Alex is one of the only fighters in the sport because I have beaten Adesanya in a fighting sport by a knockout in their kickboxing rematch. Hopefully, the prayer rare fight will be more entertaining than this previous fight as it seemed to be very lackluster all around