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UFC 276 Thoughts & Discussion for July 2, 2022

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Check out Rodney Miller’s thoughts on UFC 276 taking place July 2, 2022. He touches on a bunch of the fights to help you bet on this MMA event.

It’s just one day away from UFC 276 which is due to take place on July 2 in Las Vegas. Excitement fills the air, as we prepare to witness one of the greatest main cards in UFC history. I’m sure that these high-level fighters will keep the fans entertained Saturday night. We will see a flurry of different athletic fighters of all different weight classes competing at the highest level in Las Vegas.

I want to discuss the first fight on the main card which I believe is one of the most underrated fights of this event. Sean O’Malley has taken the UFC by storm this athletic young fighter is a talent like we haven’t seen in a while his charisma and enthusiasm in the ring have catapulted his career to the next level.

Recently Sean has been introduced to the top 15 fighters in the UFC and has time and time again demonstrated his talents. Sean is currently 27 years old and is 15-1 in the UFC. Sean saw his only defeat to the likes of Marlon Vera. Vera is an Ecuadorian mixed martial artist who handed Sean O’Malley his first loss by means of TKO in the first round.

I could only imagine Sean is ready and willing for a rematch in UFC 276, but he must fight his way to the top five of the UFC rankings. I have to be ranked number 13th this is his first fight where Pedro was placed to fight Sean.

Bantamweight bully for UFC 276

This bantamweight fighter will face his toughest challenger yet as he faces off against Pedro Munhoz. Pedro is a veteran in the sport and currently has a record of 19-7. Pedro is a very skilled fighter and has extremely talented coaches surrounding him. Pedro has only lost the world champions of his class and Sean is expecting to add another defeat to his résumé.

This is one of Shaun‘s biggest fights because fans have wanted to see him fight athletes in the top five to top 10 of the sport in the bantamweight class and this is Sean‘s opportunity to show the world what he is capable of. I believe defeating this veteran in Pedro was solidify his legacy and proved to the fans that he’s here to stay in the UFC.

Saturday night Fight

24 hours remain until UFC 276 is set to start. The main event bout is between Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and Jared Cannonier. Regardless of my excitement about the Sean O’Malley fight, I believe this Israel Adesanya fight versus Jared Cannonier must be discussed.

This fight will be a test of resiliency and stamina. In my honest opinion Israel Adesanya will come out with the victory but the reason why I love this sport so much is the unpredictable nature of the outcome. On paper, Israel is the better fighter I believe Jared the “Killer gorilla” should not be counted out due to his intensity and physicality.

This fight and the trilogy of Max Holloway versus Alexander Volinski go down in history I believe fans will remember UFC 276. This is the final bought in this trilogy and I am excited to see if Max Holloway will be able to secure victory before Alexander finishes his career.

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