UFC sporting events have been the most entertaining displays of MMA in the past several weeks. The featherweight division has been in a frenzy since Alexander Volkanovski has taken the featherweight championship. Alexander has demolished the featherweight division with there being one fighter he has not fought yet. Jair Rodriguez is explosive featherweight and has yet to see Alexander in the octagon. With many people aspiring for a title shot, fans only wonder who is next.

Yair Vs Ortega

Recently I wrote an article and I spoke about a highly anticipated Featherweight fight between Yair Rodriguez and Brian Ortega. The steaks in this fight were high, as both fighters had something to prove. Rodriguez believed that if he wins the Ortega fight, he is more than deserving of a shot against the champ. Nothing could’ve prepared me for the outcome of this fight as the outcome was completely unexpected.

With all the built-up anticipation all eyes were on Rodriguez and Ortega as the UFC fight began the tension built and fan were in store for a good one. As the match began both fighters through the left and right jabs feeling each other out as they begin bombarding each other with a flurry of fists. Brian Ortega attempted to take down Yair twice failing at the first tee down attempt and landing the second, but Jair was swiftly prepared as he attempted to place Brian Ortega in an arm bar.

At 4 minutes and 11 seconds in round 1 of the fight after Ortega managed to get on his feet as Yair was attempting to place him in the armbar and pool bag and as he did this, he dislocated his shoulder. The fight was immediately stopped, and Yair was declared the Victor. This ending was very much unexpected and came as a surprise for fans. Ortega previously injured the same shoulder in 2016 which is possibly why he re-injured it. The placement of the arm bar submission wasn’t tight at all, so it is controversial as Yair Rodriguez won the fight.

Is Yair deserving of a UFC title shot?

Yair believed that if he won the fight against Ortega that he would be deserving of a title shot against Alexander Volkanovski. Some UFC fans don’t believe he is entitled to a shot at the title due to the unexpected way he won the fight. Many believe Josh Emmett another top five ranked fighter in the featherweight division is more deserving of a title shot against Alexander. Yair should schedule a rematch against Ortega.

Yair believes that he won fair and square, and his victory is a fair one as he is the reason why Ortega dislocated his shoulder. Meanwhile, the current UFC featherweight champ is trying to switch divisions as he believes that the featherweight has become too easy for him, and he is more than capable of being a dual champion of the sport. Alexander has proven his skill and has what it takes to be dominant in the bantamweight division.