Over this past week, two of the best heavyweights in the division faced off against each other on the main card of UFC fight night 208. Curtis Blaydes is an American professional mixed Martial artist, and he is the number 4 ranked heavyweight fighter in the UFC. Blaydes opponent Tom Aspinall is another top ring fighter in the heavyweight division ranking number 6.

There was high fan anticipation surrounding this fight as both fighters had much to prove, and for Curtis, he was fighting on foreign territory. This fight turned into an underwhelming performance due to a terrible knee injury suffered by Tom Aspinall within the first 15 seconds of the fight.

Both fighters seem to be going at it and it looked like it was going to be a good fight until Tom threw a right leg kick and blew out his knee. Tom Aspinall immediately hit the ground and referee herb Dean put a stop to the fight at 15 seconds in the first round. Curtis Blaydes was sorely disappointed and shocked at the turn of events.

The Ringside physician determined it can be an injury to the MCL of the right knee. This was a huge disappointment for the team of Tom Aspinall as Curtis blades were awarded the victory.

Heavyweight Rematch

Since then, Curtis Blaydes has been questioned about a possible rematch between him and Tom Aspinall once the heavyweight fighter has recovered.

This proposal was turned down as Curtis said,

“I won the fight. Heading into this fight I envisioned the winner, which is me, would be fighting the winner of Tuivasa and Gane. So, I’m not going to pass up an opportunity to fight those guys when it’s right there to wait for Tom Aspinall to heal and run it back.”

Blades have made a name for themselves and gained recognition and are possibly entitled to a heavyweight title shot. With the current heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou healing from a previous knee injury the heavyweight division is without a champion and there are rumors about a possible interim heavyweight champion.

Road to Recovery

For Tom Aspinall it’s going to be a tough road to recovery as any doctor can tell you with the injuries it is a tedious task to deal with. Tom can potentially face up to 6 to 12 months out of the UFC healing with this injury and it is difficult to assume what is next for the heavyweight talent.

Tom Aspinall is a very skilled heavyweight with great boxing talents and explosive takedowns and can be a potential superstar in the heavyweight division. There’s no telling what the future would look like for aspirin but due to his age, he has time to make a recovery and come back to the world of UFC and pose a threat to the current heavyweight contenders.

I wish Aspinall a speedy recovery and I am excited to see what the future of the heavyweight division will look like in the coming months.