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UFC Fight Night: Hall vs Strickland Pick and Prediction

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Uriah Hall vs Strickland Sean lead the way for the next UFC event. These two ranked middleweights will be looking for a way to continue climbing the ladder. 

Uriah Hall vs Strickland Sean lead the way for the next UFC event. These two ranked middleweights will be looking for a way to continue climbing the ladder. 

They each have great striking abilities, as well as finding a way to finish a fight. This could be an excellent betting opportunity, especially with the way the odds are looking. 

Date: Sat, Jul 31, 5:00 PM

Venue: UFC Apex

Watch on: ESPN

Main Event Showdown 

Both Hall and Strickland have steady winning streaks heading into this battle. Oddly enough, Strickland is moderately favored to win against a veteran fighter in Hall. 

Hall comes in at the eighth spot in the division and is aiming to continue rising. His last battle was against Chris Weidman, which was the nasty leg break that no one wanted to see. 

At 37, Hall remains a competitive striker and still has explosive power. However, there are times when he appears tentative and should be more aggressive. 

Strickland takes the 11th ranked spot in the division and is salivating at the opportunity to land in the top 10. His resume showcases when he became middleweight champion in King of the Cage, where he succeeded in defending the belt five times. 

His high volume striking and very solid boxing have resulted in his ability to close out fights. He could have arguably been ranked even higher but suffered a terrible motorcycle wreck in 2018 that sidelined him for two years. 

Strickland has developed a solid wrestling game in addition to his productive striking. This combination has shown why he is a rising star in the octagon. 

Odds for Main Event 

The market surprisingly has Strickland as a moderate favorite here. The Moneyline has been provided by DraftKings and is currently sitting at:

Hall: +180

Strickland: -220

*odds are subject to changes 

Potential Winning Pick 

This battle is arguably a lot closer than the odds indicate. Bettors might be looking at Hall’s age, potentially overlooking his previous battles and experience. 

Strickland has this battle if he manages to keep the fight on the ground. However, this will not be an easy task as Hall has a very good takedown defense. 

If the fight stays standing, which will most likely happen, then Strickland will need to perform here. Hall has a tendency to bait his opponents before striking and this could play into his hands quite nicely here. 

Hall also has nearly a four-inch reach advantage and can keep himself away if needed. This should give him a striking edge and allow him to pick and choose his power shots. 

Strickland only has one loss to an early stoppage with his recent battle. But you could argue that he has never faced anyone quite like Hall, who is an aggressive yet technical striker. 

Overall, this battle could last several rounds if both fighters are being cautious. Hall should slightly win this one by decision but look for the TKO by the third round. 

Hall wins by TKO, at +180

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