Over this weekend UFC London hosted fight night with a full card July 23 was sure to be a good day. The most impressive fighting tonight had to be Paddy Pimblett vs Jordan Leavitt. This fight surpasses all my expectations as I was unaware of both fighters’ talents before the fight. Jordan Leavitt is an American grappler who traveled to London to face Paddy in his hometown.

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UFC London Fight Night

The UFC London fight began like any other as both fighters came out of the town excited and ready to go. Molly McCannon was also in attendance after her previous flyweight victory against Hannah Goldy and she was celebrating and cheering on her friend Paddy. The O2 Arena in London was shaking with the crowd’s energy. The crowd booed profusely when Jordan walked out. When Patty walked out the fans went crazy and shook the building.

Paddy begins the fight with light jabs testing out Jordan maintaining his distance and trying to make it a stand-up fight. Paddy was well-informed on his opponent as the New Jordan will attempt a single leg takedown multiple times trying to take Paddy down at any chance he could. he planned to turn the fight into a grappling match at any chance. The first round was won by Jordan as he maintained control of the grappling for most of the time.

Round two of the Jordan Leavitt vs Paddy Pimblett was like the first Paddy started with jabs but Jordan attempted to take him down as soon as possible. Credit to Jordan as he is an amazing grappler, but Paddy was the better fighter this night as he was able to get an advantage over Jordan and placed in multiple submission holds. Eventually, Patty was able to slip Jordan into a tight headlock and lock down his arm with his leg and secure a submission Victory.

Mental Health

Paddy celebrated profusely but shortly after this his whole demeanor changed and he informed the crowd of his current emotional state.

Paddy said, “I woke up on Friday at 4 AM to a message that one of my friends back home had killed themselves,” “This is 5 hours before my weigh-in. So, Ricky lad, that’s for you.”

Paddy also dedicated this fight to four-year-old baby Lee Hodges’s son who recently passed away from cancer last month. Paddy continued to say, “There’s a stigma in this world that men can’t talk,” he added. “Listen, if you’re a man, and you’ve got weight on your shoulders, and if you think the only way you can solve it is by killing yourself, please speak to someone. Speak to anyone.”

Paddy’s plea was heard throughout the crowd and the world as he preached for change in men’s mental health. I became an instant fan and was impressed by Paddy’s resiliency and determination. He performed multiple selfless acts and left it all in the ring. Paddy is now 19-3 and will be back in the ring before the end of the year.


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