The NBA offseason is an interesting time for us fans. We see tons of contracts being handed out at a rapid rate. There are bad signings throughout free agency, but there are good ones as well.

Each team is trying their best to get better and compete next season. Teams, such as the Charlotte Hornets, are trying to find their way into the playoffs. Then, the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers are acquiring talent to make a run to the title.

With all these contracts being handed out, there has to be a list of the best ones. Some teams made good moves, but what were the best? Here are the two best signings thus far in free agency.

Two Best NBA Contracts This Offseason

2. Bobby Portis, Milwaukee Bucks

  • Contract: 2 years, $9 million (second-year player option)

One of the unsung heroes for the Milwaukee Bucks and their title run was Bobby Portis. The Bucks signed him last offseason to a one-year deal that was worth a little over $3.5 million. He was not looked at as a big piece for their season.

Portis has always been a good talent, but it never translated into winning. However, that changed in the playoffs. He scored a much-needed 16 points in the series-clinching game during the NBA Finals.

Throughout the postseason, he showed that he cared so much about winning a title for the organization and the fans. Bucks fans have embraced him as a cult hero. That is why he took a discount to remain with the organization that has brought him the most happiness in his NBA career.

He has found a home in Milwaukee. Portis can now help the Bucks on their quest to repeat as champions. This signing was a bargain for what he could have made somewhere else. The Bucks got one of their core players from the title team on a very cheap deal.

1. Patty Mills, Brooklyn Nets

The Nets were a Kevin Durant toe away from advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals. In the second round of the playoffs, they looked like they were going to roll through the eventual champion Bucks. However, injuries to James Harden and Kyrie Irving hurt those chances.

That was almost not an issue, as the series went to seven games and was almost won by the Nets. They were so close to winning that series and being in prime position to win the title, despite several injuries throughout the season. However, Durant’s foot was too big and they lost in overtime to the eventual champions.

With next season looming as a win-now type of season for them; the Nets have made a few acquisitions. One of those is the signing of veteran sharpshooter Patty Mills.
Mills has been a great knockdown shooter for the San Antonio Spurs for some time now.

The Nets desperately wanted another guard behind Harden and Irving who can handle the ball when needed. His shooting is the biggest strength, which will help out an already dangerous scoring unit.

The Nets are on the road to the NBA Finals already. They are the favorites in the Eastern Conference over the defending champions. In fact, they might be the overall favorites to win it all next season.

Mills is such a great addition as a bench piece for a team with such high hopes. This signing was perfect for a team with three superstars and not a ton of money to spend. Patty Mills will be an under-the-radar game changer.