The NBA season is back and we are so grateful for it. Opening week is now done, which means it is time to digest what we have seen thus far. You might be thinking that there are not a lot of takeaways to grab onto in just one week.

Three Biggest Takeaways from Opening Week of NBA

However, that is not the case. In fact, we can take away so much in the first week of the NBA season. The reason for that is how unpredictable the NBA truly is.

There is a lot to discuss. However, there are three things from opening week that we need to be aware of.

3. Are the Charlotte Hornets For Real?

Coming into the season for the Charlotte Hornets, we expected them to be a fun and pesky league pass team. There were some preseason buzz, but their over/under was just at 38.5. The thought process was for them to be fun, but lose games in the end.

However, the Hornets have come out the gates on fire. Game one was a comeback against the Indiana Pacers with LaMelo Ball going for 31 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists. Game two was an easy win against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The best win was on Sunday. They went up to the Barclays Center and took down the dominant Brooklyn Nets. The Hornets look like a legitimate team as of right now, so watch out.

2. Do the Nets Need Kyrie?

The Brooklyn Nets came into the season as the favorites to win it all at +230. We saw their big three and thought about how there is no way for them to be toppled. However, things became skeptical when Kyrie Irving was banished from the team due to his reluctance for getting the vaccine.

Even with no Kyrie, the Nets still had Kevin Durant and James Harden. Through three games, the Nets might need to bring Kyrie back into the fold. They are currently 1-2 and just lost to the Charlotte Hornets at home.

Harden has not looked the same, while Durant is doing his best to carry the team. They have looked awful on defense and Durant has been the only bright spot on offense.

1. The Lakers Need to Fix Some Things

The Los Angeles Lakers might be in some trouble. Despite a close victory on Sunday against the Memphis Grizzlies, this team does not look like a title contender. In fact, they look like an over-the-hill team trying to keep up with the rest of the league.

The Golden State Warriors beat them without a great Stephen Curry and the Phoenix Suns demolished them with ease. Also in that Suns game, the Lakers looked discombobulated. Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis got into a fight.

LeBron James was annoyed with Cameron Payne. Rajon Rondo was putting gun gestures towards a fan’s head. It was an all-around bad look.

The Lakers are struggling with the lack of shooting Russell Westbrook brings, while LeBron is controlling the offense. Davis still refuses to play center, as De’Andre Jordan is handling the starting center spot. The defense has been a mess so far.

The Lakers do not look like the title team we all anticipated. Changes need to be made already.