With this year’s season well underway, we have already witnessed exciting games, injuries, and new emerging players fighting to cement their spot as breakthrough stars. Even though LeBron James hurt his wrist in the NBA All-Star Game, he is still one of the well-known players who continue to awe fans. In no particular order, here are the show stopping players from this season.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Born in Greece to Nigerian migrants, Giannis Antetokounmpo began his basketball career at 13 years of age. His talent didn’t go unrecognized, as he debuted in the NBA just five years later. Playing for the Milwaukee Bucks, he has had several 50-point games and has played a major part in securing wins for the team. For the rest of the season, Antetokounmpo is expected to continue riding high.

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Stephen Curry

At this point, Steph Curry could easily lean back and say: “Well, that was it for my career”. In 2015 and 2016, he was named MVP and is seen as one of the greatest players ever. That is by his peers, experts, and fans. Although he was hit with injuries that affected his attendance, he has still had a solid season.

Throughout 38 games, he has averaged 6,4 assists with almost the same amount of rebounds. Although his 3-point shooting has been critiqued by Charles Barkley, this is one of his traits that has led the Warriors to success.

Joel Embiid

A strong contribution to the 76ers is Joel Embiid, who has an average of 33.1 points per game. Embiid made big news when it was announced that he reached 10.000 career points. Not only did he get 10.000 points faster than Iverson and Barkley, but he also did it while being injured at the beginning of his career. Some people believe that he could potentially become MVP this year. We can only dream of what the future holds for Embiid.

Embiid has 6 years worth of experience in the NBA and at his young age (28 years old), his experience becomes even more impressive. The center-forward player might have been going a bit too hard in his attempt to achieve supreme status, as he has been reported ill after one of the latest matches. Hopefully he’ll be better soon and return to his teammates’ side so he can continue impressing us.

LeBron James

Watching LeBron James is nothing less than pure art. His strong build and athleticism shine through on the court when he shoots, defends, rebounds, and drives to score. On the court, he demonstrates power, which he has continued to do in this 2022-23 season. For the Lakers, he averages more than what he did with his previous team, Miami Heat. And to no one’s surprise, he was drafted for the All-Star Game.

Nikola Jokic

It is a mystery how Nikola Jokic does what he does. In 2022, he was named MVP for the second season in a row. This season, Nikola Jokic has been one of the most impressive, offensive players.

Besides his talent, he is humble, which is shown through a hilarious moment during the All-Star draft. When the last players were selected, Jokic went over to captain LeBron James, which people misinterpreted. He walked over there because he thought he would be picked last. His humor and talent are why many fans are rooting for Jokic this season.