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A Resurgence for Dennis Schroder

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Dennis Schroder signed with the Boston Celtics after not receiving the offer he truly desired. This season can be a resurgence for his career and garner the big contract he wants.

The Boston Celtics and Dennis Schroder have agreed on a one-year deal for $5.9 million. That is a bargain signing for the Celtics, as they try to make it back to the Eastern Conference Finals. However, for Schroder, this is a nightmare.

This was supposed to be the summer he got paid. Now he is on a one-year deal betting on himself. What makes this worse is that the Los Angeles Lakers offered him a contract extension during the season for a reported $84 million.

Schroder turned it down and wanted to be paid over $100 million. He lost out on all of that money because he was confident in his abilities. Schroder has to be in disbelief with how all of this played out.

Luckily, he landed on a team that needs him. Next year, he will be 29 years old and looking for another contract. All he has to do is perform with the Celtics.

A Return as the Sixth Man

Last season saw Schroder take over the starting point guard duties for the Lakers. That was coming off of a season where Schroder won the Sixth Man of the Year with the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was by far his most well-rounded season in the NBA.

However, as fast as he got into that role; he had to get out of it for the Lakers. He put up good numbers, but he struggled to find his rhythm. The field goal and three-point percentages went down.

For the majority of this past season, he did not seem comfortable in his role with the Lakers. Now with the Celtics, that can all change.

Marcus Smart most likely will take over the starting point guard role with Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum helping with ball-handling in the starting lineup. He thrives as the focal point, or one of them, in a lineup. That is why he is great as a sixth man.

During LeBron James‘ absence last season, Dennis Schroder was able to play like the previous year. If the Celtics let him return to the sixth man role, expect a renaissance season for Schroder.

Put Last Season in the Rear View

The whole situation is rough for Schroder. He was on the verge of a big contract that NBA players drive to get. However, the Lakers moved fast and bypassed any ideas of bringing back Schroder.

It sucks to think you are worth so much, but others do not see you in the same light. Dennis Schroder needs to bounce back with the Celtics and the first step is simple. He needs to put this in the rear view mirror and forget about losing out on the big payday.

This season can be a redemption story for Schroder. Last season was difficult with the Lakers fanbase putting pressure on him. Even the LeBron fanbase put pressure on him to help achieve more for their favorite player’s legacy.

He was looked at as an afterthought during the season and for most of the offseason. Next offseason can see him get the money he was looking for, or get most of it back. Dennis Schroder just needs to take that first step and forget about this time; and play his heart out with the Celtics.

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