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 All-Star Game Snub Devin Booker Replaces Injured Anthony Davis

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Being an All-Star game snub would have served as great motivation, but Booker no longer has to worry about…

 All-Star Game Snub Devin Booker Replaces Injured Anthony Davis

When All-Star reserves were released, players and fans across the NBA community were in disbelief when Devin Booker was not on the list. Booker, an All-Star a year ago, has been putting together a solid season while guiding the Suns to a 20-11 record, positioning them fourth in the Western Conference. Booker is currently averaging 24.7 points per game with 3.8 rebounds per game and 4.3 assists per game. 

Early on in his career, Booker’s only knock was his inability to carry the Suns to a winning season. In 2021 the Suns have their most talented roster in a long time, and it is showing as Booker and teammates have positioned themselves as contenders in the West. It is going to be a difficult road to the NBA finals as Phoenix will have to go through the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers and the Utah Jazz, the hottest team in the NBA.

Players React on Twitter

NBA players went to Twitter to voice their displeasure with Booker not being named an All-Star in 2021. 

Lakers All-Star forward Lebron James tweeted,

“Devin Booker is the most disrespected player in our league!!! Simple as that.” 

Portland Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum tweeted,

“Damn @DevinBook really didn’t make it? That’s crazy. Bruh, really cold, too smh. Sick world.”

Hall of Fame guard Reggie Miller took to Twitter to voice his disbelief and let Booker know to use this as motivation.

Being an All-Star game snub would have served as great motivation, but Booker no longer has to worry about not being named an All-Star due to injury.

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Booker Replaces Injured Davis

Lakers All-Star Anthony Davis remains out with an Achilles injury. Davis was voted to his eighth All-Star game but will not participate in the game due to injury. Devin Booker was by far the best player in the Western Conference to not be named an All-Star, and shortly after Davis announced he was not playing, Booker was named his injury replacement. 

Phoenix Suns team account went to Twitter, tweeting,

“Glad that was corrected, Devin Booker is a 2x #NBAAllStar Congrats, @DevinBook.”

Who was Ahead of Booker

Now due to limited roster space and plenty of worthy and talented players in the league, it is nearly impossible not to have a major All-Star game snub. In the Eastern Conference, Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young was the most notable snub. Young is currently averaging 27.0 points per game, with 4.0 rebounds per game and 9.6 assists per game. The Western Conference reserves this All-Star game are loaded. Seven All-Star reserves were named ahead of Booker, Anthony Davis, Paul George, Rudy Gobert, Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, Chirs Paul, and Zion Williamson. After replacing Davis, Booker joins Suns teammate Chris Paul as Phoenix’s second All-Star. A year ago, in the All-Star game, Booker scored six points off the bench shooting 3-8.

All-Star Roster Process

The NBA has decided All-Star starters and reserves, but the rosters are not set just yet. Team captains Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets and Lebron James of the Los Angeles Lakers will be drafting the two teams on March 4 before the game. No matter how the draft pans out, the NBA All-Star game is loaded with plenty of talent. 

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