Philadelphia 76ers Center Joel Embiid is one of the brightest and best stars in the NBA has to offer. Embiid has had back to back MVP runner-up campaigns, and it looks like this season may be his best case to finally win the award. 


The Narrative

The NBA MVP has become largely an award that needs a narrative around it. So many times in NBA player needs a story to win the award, with voters making up for past snubs, attempting to achieve a historical achievement, etc. One of the biggest reasons why Embiid isn’t talked about as much as some of his peers, is there isn’t a massive narrative around him. 


Embiid is “The Process”, a nickname given to him during the “Trust The Process” movement with the Philadelphia 76ers. However, the Sixers are no longer a process team, they are one of the best teams in the nba, and have been contenders for years, with Embiid leading them as one of the best players in the league. The process narrative has worn off, and Embiid has just become known as simply a great player, but nothing else. 


Now with Embiid looked at as the guy that the media, and casual fans, do not appreciate enough, that can help him finally win his MVP award. 


The Scoring Title

The NBA is an offensive focused league. Typically the most popular players in the league are smaller players, guards and forwards that score the most. however, the highest point per game player in the league is Embiid. Embiid is a 7 foot, defensive juggernaut big man that can do everything. However, he has been as dominant as ever offensively, and missing the NBA All-Star starters, while scoring the most, is going to drive people to pay more attention to him, thus being discussed in the national media much more. 


Most of the arguments around the guards that were selected, especially like Luka Doncic and Donovan Mitchell, was what great scorers they are, however it did not prove to be the same argument with him being, which will cause a lot of questions going forward about why Embiid was snubbed. 


The Standings

Another voting narrative for most of the candidates that made the All-Star starters, was how well their teams were doing in their standings. With the 76ers currently in second place in the Eastern conference, just behind the Boston Celtics, there is no argument against Embiid for his team. The big man is anchoring the best defensive team in the league, while earning the fourth most wins of any team, in any conference. It is finally time for Embiid to be given his flowers and his award.