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What Is the Ceiling for the New York Knicks Next Season?

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The New York Knicks are one of the most popular NBA teams, but have struggled recently. What is their ceiling for next season? Read to find out!

The New York Knicks have the biggest fanbase in the NBA. New York is filled with passionate fans, ready to cheer for their basketball squad.

Unfortunately, the Knicks have not had much to cheer about in recent years. The franchise has only had one playoff appearance in the past nine seasons, which was a first-round exit.

This offseason, things have gone in the right direction for the Knicks. They signed Jalen Brunson, and they are involved in trade rumors to add stars to their roster. The Knicks have high hopes for next season. What should the ceiling look like for the Knicks right now? In this article, we define what the ceiling is for the New York Knicks’ next season.

Adding Starpower

New York is a city where stars belong. However, the Knicks have not had a true superstar on their team in a while. The biggest star they have ever had on their team was Patrick Ewing, and the biggest star they have had on their team in the past 20 seasons was Carmelo Anthony. Since Melo was on the team, the Knicks haven’t really had a true superstar on their team. The closest they have gotten was the signing of Julius Randle, who became an all-star but is nowhere near being considered an NBA superstar.

The Knicks have a real chance to bring a superstar back to New York this season. They have been involved in trade rumors involving Jazz superstar Donovan Mitchell, and they are considered one of the favorites to acquire him. The Knicks have a ton of young assets and future draft picks that they can throw in an offer. The Jazz appear interested in getting a deal done quickly, so Mitchell could end up on the Knicks before the season starts.

It is really up to the Knicks whether they choose to trade for Mitchell or miss out on the opportunity of acquiring a player of his talent. However, if they do not trade for him, it will almost certainly anger Knicks fans. They are desperately hoping that a player Donovan Mitchell’s caliber will finally come to their team. He would give them something to cheer for consistently.

Earning Back Respect

Let’s be honest; even if the New York Knicks acquired Donovan Mitchell via trade, they still have no chance of winning an NBA championship. No one is expecting that. The Knicks do not have to win a championship next year in order to consider the season a success. All they have to do is compete in the playoffs.

The Knicks have been struggling to stay relevant in the NBA in recent years. The only thing that has really kept them relevant is their popularity as an NBA franchise. However, their popularity has also left negative effects on the team. They have turned into one of the laughing stocks of the NBA. It has seemed like nothing could go right for them.

Next season, the New York Knicks have a chance to turn things around and start heading in the right direction. If the Knicks can add a star to their team and make the playoffs, they can start building the foundation to be a solid basketball team once again.

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