Yes, it is Christmas Day and the kids are giddy about their gifts under the tree. But for you, it’s not the presents, the tree, the turkey as much as it is NBA games on TV.

A vast majority of televisions in the United States will be tuning in to professional basketball. A new group of viewers are preparing for this brilliant marketing strategy and are considering making a wager or two to add to their fun on the holiday.

However, handicapping the NBA on Christmas is slightly different than a regular game on a regular day. You might be a bit miffed right now asking how that can be as they play with the same rules as any other day. Pay attention as there are a few very hard to find differences that you, as a smart NBA bettor can use to make yourself a winner.We don’t want anyone to have that ruined by losing their money on the Christmas Day lines. So we’ve got you covered.

NBA Christmas Day 2020 Betting Pick and Predictions for  Game 1 

Pelicans at Heat | Noon ET (ESPN)


Zion Williamson makes his Christmas debut and he will face Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat. Injuries are an issue for Zion. If he plays this is a great treat. If he is hurt, it is a dud.

Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans will take on Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat to start the day off. Stephen Curry and the Warriors will take on Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and the Nets will travel to Boston to take on Jayson Tatum and the Celtics. The defending champion Lakers will play Luka Doncic and the Mavs. The last game of the night will be the Clippers and Nuggets.

ODDS: Heat -5.5

Christmas Day NBA 2020 Betting Picks & Predictions for Game 2

Warriors vs Bucks NOON  (ABC)

The Warriors will play without Klay Thompson for this season. The key ingredients here is Steph Curry and Giannis Anteetkounmpo to the viewers delight. Golden State wants to return to their Glory Days. Milwaukee should be working in several new pieces around Antetokounmpo, including Jrue Holiday, Torrey Craig, Bryn Forbes, D.J. Augustin and Bobby Portis.

Predictions: Milwaukee -7.5

Christmas Day NBA 2020 Betting Picks & Predictions for Game 3

Nets at Celtics | 5 p.m. ET (ABC)

Kyrie Irving stood on this floor and said he hoped to remain a Celtic for the rest of his playing career. Now he returns as he missed both game last year with injuries and this season he won’t have fans there to boo him. Also, Kevin Durant returns from his injury an is now not a Warrior player. Everyone will watch how he responds to the gruesome Achille’s injury.

Predictions: Celtics +1

Christmas Day NBA 2020 Betting Picks & Predictions for Game 4

Mavericks at Lakers | 8 p.m. ET (ESPN/ABC)

This is my favorite of the day. If I only watch one game, I hope this is it. It features Luka vs LeBron. These top players  generate alot of attention as offense. In November 2018, Luka Doncic quietly lingered outside the Lakers locker room at Staples Center so a security guard could hand him an autographed uniform from his childhood hero, LeBron James. Now, Doncic will try to hand James a loss on Christmas Day.

There appears to be mutual respect here. LeBron, who has been the best player on the planet for several years, might be giving way to his heir apparent.

Predictions: Dallas +7

Christmas Day NBA 2020 Betting Picks & Predictions for Game 5

Clippers at Nuggets | 10:30 p.m. ET (ESPN)

Maybe not the star power here as other games. There are plenty of risers here. JaMychal Green is gone from the Clippers and joined the Nuggets. Denver needs him to replace Jeremi Grant (went to Detroit Pistons)and his game.

Clippers Nikola Jokic is playing to rid the fans of their remembrance of the early playoff exit. Paul  George and Kawhi Leonard are trying to establish they are the team to beat in the Western Conference.


Prediction: Clippers -1


Christmas Day NBA Betting Tips & Strategy

Get our betting tips to help you make money on the NBA on Christmas Day!

Get our betting tips to help you make money on the NBA on Christmas Day!

Media and Public Attention at an All-Time High

The public is paying attention and the media is all over every aspect on this day due to the captive audience. They will fill your set with the big stars of the league and now we have the players out of their routine to make time for the media. This is different than during the week. This is Christmas and they want family time.

Think about the teams playing and make a determination as which are media darling and in all likelihood going to get the glut of the public betting. This cause the lines to be skewered more than usual. If one team is likely to draw a large percentage of the bets on a game then the oddsmakers are going to compensate for that so that the books aren’t more exposed to one team than they need to be. Just be aware of what is happening and particularly focused on making sure you have value before you pull place the wager.

Players are Fired Up on Christmas Day

This game is where the players get really fired up. Usually, it is later in the season but not today. Today they have millions of people watching the game. There will be attention to detail but the players, coaches, and officials. In fact, you might even see NBA players playing defense in this game! Be alert for the over/under lines and try to see how they are different from other games and then take advantage of it.

The NBA is the only sport in action on Christmas Day!

The NBA is the only sport in action on Christmas Day!

Christmas Day is Exclusive to the NBA

Today is different for another reason. There are no other games being played. No football in the NFL or college and no hockey or college games on the docket. Just these few games. The handicappers will be sharp and you, as the bettor, have to be under control and be choosy on the game and line that you feel will bring you a winner.

Be willing to pass and look for a better opportunity for your wager. Be confident you can set it out if necessary. Not having a team to cheer on on Christmas day might not be much fun, but it will feel better than making a bad sports bet and losing it.

Desperation Sets in on Xmas Day

Lastly, if the game gets out of hand early, the team behind doesn’t appear to fight very hard for a comeback. They begin to get upset and foul more, create turnovers and wish they were with their families on Christmas. They have made sacrifices and that is stingy if they are losing by a large margin.

Be smart in your betting on Christmas Day. Do your research of the teams and watch for handicapped lines that appear out of sorts. Get your sportsbook accounts funded a day early and good luck!


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