It’s not unlike Draymond Green to use his platform and level of popularity to speak up. He is known for his avid trash-talking against opponents and disagreeing with officials. He has had both positive and negative altercations with fellow teammates, as well.

The Golden State Warriors are one of eight teams not participating in the NBA restart. They are not scheduled to join other teams in the NBA bubble. The NBA and players union decided to exempt lottery-bound teams to maximize safety protocols.

Since the team, and therefore Green, will not be participating in the new season, players like him are using their platform to bring awareness to prominent social justice issues. Draymond Green and several other NBA athletes have joined LeBron James on his “More Than a Vote” initiative. The Los Angeles Lakers star athlete began this initiative to bring awareness to voter suppression in Black communities.

Green does not agree with the “Dental Practice Act.” This is a California bill requiring in-person examinations to be conducted by dentists to approve treatment plans for aligners. Draymond Green claims the bill would make it even harder for individuals in the Black community to afford dental care.

Also, last month Green was avid in vocalizing why the NCAA needed to pay their college athletes. He also emphasized how the NCAA’s current system exploits minorities. Green said he hopes to bring awareness to these issues and enact actual change.

He wants to support all those fighting for Black people that face oppression in many ways. He describes the fight as “just beginning,” claiming that the need for change is here and working toward that must continue.

How does Green plan to advocate for these issues?

Green hopes to address several social injustice topics on a new one-hour NBA show on TNT. The show called “The Arena” will launch on Monday and air every night through Friday. Green will be one of the show’s featured analysts as it will be airing the week prior to the NBA season restart.

The show will highlight several important topics and controversies within the sports industry. This includes highlighting a saga between Green and Charles Barkley. They have had several verbal altercations in the past few years, making this is an intriguing feature.

The Arena’s panel will be hosted and led by Dwayne Wade and Cari Champion. The NBA star and sports anchor will be discussing major topics like the coronavirus pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and systemic racism both in and out of the league.

Green emphasized that along with major social outbreaks, there will be another presidential election in just a few months. He has expressed avid disapproval in Donald Trump’s rhetoric and his perceived prejudices toward the Black community.

He hopes to bring attention to the need for Americans to vote in order to spark change. As potential Black voters are often suppressed, Green believes it is important to address the importance of voting and how accessible it can be.

Green was also sure to associate many of our country’s downfalls today to the president’s actions, or lack thereof. He claims everyone has to do their part and this is how he plans to do his.

What will happen next?

It has still not been said whether or not the eight NBA teams not participating in the season restart will host their own tournament or simply train on their ‘own turf.’ Green claims although there is a lot of uncertainty with the upcoming season, he is ready to go if the time comes.

Since Green is currently not playing and not planning to, he will be devoting most of his efforts to initiatives like The Arena’s panel and LeBron’s More Than a Vote.

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