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G League Power Rankings Top 5 – Halfway Through

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The G League is halfway through the season and some of the best teams are starting to show up. Here’s the top 5 teams right now.

The G League season is just about halfway through, and teams have begun to distance themselves from their weaker competition. The best teams are starting to lead the pack, carrying momentum past the all-star break. There are 5 teams considered the best in the league right now, and the margins are quite close.

5. South Bay Lakers (18-9)

It is difficult to see the South Bay Lakers go any higher than here due to the recent loss of one of their best players, but they are still a dominant force in the G League. They were previously led by the dynamic duo of superstars Scotty Pippen Jr. and Jay Huff, but Huff signed a two-way contract with the Washington Wizards.

Without Huff, the Lakers are still a competent basketball team. Pippen Jr. is averaging an astonishing 21.9 points per game with 5.6 assists, leading the team in scoring. However, a player that does not receive nearly enough credit is guard Shaquille Harrison. The 6-4 swiss army knife is great in all aspects of the game, averaging 13.6 points, 6.4 rebounds and 8.1 assists. Due to the team’s talent, they rank second in points scored per game while also tying in third for three point percentage.

4. Memphis Hustle (19-6)

The Hustle are one of the most dominant teams in G League basketball, but their record does not highlight this. They rank second in the league in assists per game and 5th in field goal percentage. They are more than capable on offense, but mediocre on the defensive end.

The clear cut face of this team is the young rookie forward Kenny Lofton Jr. Lofton Jr. is an all-around stud, averaging a 20 point double double on the year. What is most impressive about this is the fact that he does it without being in the top 5 in minutes played per game on his own team. He is second on the team in points and first in rebounds, yet 5 players average more minutes power game than him. That is some inspirational basketball.

3. Delaware Blue Coats (20-8)

Delaware is a very interesting case for a basketball team. This team is so statistically well rounded and at the top of almost every category, but still sit only at third on the list. They rank in the top 5 in assists, blocks, and field goal percentage, and even rank first in points scored per game and assists per game. However, they still cannot pull ahead and take a top 2 seed.

However, with whatever success they have found, it is thanks to their incredibly diverse roster. Three players score over 16 points per game, 2 players grab over 7 rebounds per game, and 5 players average more than a steal per game. They are a well oiled machine and could easily make their way to the top of the list.

2. Stockton Kings (22-6)

The Stockton Kings are a modest and unique basketball team. They will not jump off of the stat sheet with 40 point performances every week. However, when they shoot, they score. The Stockton Kings are easily the most efficient team in G League basketball, ranking 2nd in field goal percentage and 1st in three point and free throw percentage.

Not a single player on the team scores over 20 points per game, not one reaching 5 assists. However, if there is anyone that is a star on this team, it is Neemias Queta. Quetta averages 17 points and almost 9 rebounds per game, and has been going off in his last few games. He had a 23 point double-double with 6 blocks against South Bay, and immediately went on to have a 31 point double-double versus the Stars. He has greatly benefited this team and helped them find a place in these rankings.

1. Long Island Nets (22-5)

The Long Island Nets are 100% an enigma. This team is unusually good, cracking the top 5 in four different team stat categories. They cannot help but score the ball and play incredible defense, only keeping their spot in first due to shear grit and determination.

Superstar David Duke leads the charge, scoring 22.9 points per game with 6 rebounds and 4 assists as well. He also tacks on almost 2 steals, an incredible number for such a high scoring player. Besides him and his costars, there is not much else to explain the Nets’ success other than willpower.

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