Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro is on the fast track to being named the NBA Sixth Man of the Year. The 21 year old guard has done a tremendous job in a bench role for Miami. In fact, at first I thought about making this article based on the chances of Herro winning the Sixth Man of the Year Award.

However, this is a kid with loftier aspirations. Yes, the number one goal is to win a championship for the Heat. But Herro might be on his way to being a sneaky all-star candidate as well.

Let’s take a look at the season Tyler Herro has posted up to this point.

Herro is Back to Being a Bucket

Everyone remembers the snarl from the 2020 NBA bubble postseason when Herro went off for Miami and almost helped them win a championship. Despite losing to the Lakers in the Finals, it was clear this was a young player with a high ceiling and moxy to boot. He quickly had become a fan favorite in Miami.

But then 2020-2021 happened. While Herro was not dreadful, his numbers were not what people believed they could be. He averaged 15.1 points per game on 36 percent shooting from deep.

However, Herro has displayed a magnitude of confidence this season and has seen his numbers increase significantly. So far, he has averaged 20.9 points per game on 42.3 percent three-point shooting while also averaging 3.9 assists per game and 5.3 boards per game. It should be remembered that he is posting these numbers while coming off the bench.

He is not only back to scoring buckets on a consistent basis, but he has also developed as a playmaker. Herro has developed as a versatile player and can run the point or the shooting guard position. While some have called for Herro to be placed back in the starting lineup as a product of his strong performance this season, Tyler himself has stated he feels comfortable in this role.

So are we going to see Herro on the all-star team?

Herro the All-Star?

We are still less than 15 games into the season so it is important to not overreact to hot starts to the campaign. But Herro has shown this kind of talent before and it is possible this is the season where he puts it all together.

If the All-Star game were tomorrow, there is no question that he would be in the conversation. But for now, Herro will need to keep up the impressive play if he wants an invite to the game. Regardless of his all-star candidacy, Miami has to love what they are seeing from the 21-year-old to open up the 2021 season.