Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden found a way to end his season the exact same way he started it, in the midst of controversy. This time he has taken his off-court issues overseas in Paris, France. He was detained alongside rapper Lil Baby on Thursday.

The good news for Nets fans is that he was never actually arrested or brought to jail. He was simply detained on the side of the road for about an hour or so. In fact, he was never even the person who caused all of this mayhem.

That responsibility is placed on the Atlanta Rapper Lil Baby, who actually was arrested. Police pulled over when they smelled cannabis, which is a banned substance in Paris. They found nearly 32 grams of cannabis in the rapper’s car trunk and jumped on the scene quickly. This is where James Harden comes into play.

Harden was nearby when he saw the situation go down and tried to intervene to stop the police from possibly harming Lil Baby, who he has been with all week for Paris Fashion Week. That is where the police detained Harden for not cooperating and ended up arresting Lil Baby.

Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden was detained alongside rapper Lil Baby on Thursday in France for possession of cannabis after the two attended the Paris Fashion Week.

Harden was let go without any fines or repercussions, but on the other hand, Lil Baby was actually taken into police custody overnight. He was released by the police on Friday morning and was given a hefty fine. He will be returning to the States today as well.

Many spectators think that this was no random coincidence and that this was a racially driven frisking. A lawyer who examines racial disparities in Paris publicly said that many white people are not detained and frisked to the extent that Harden and Lil Baby were on Thursday. This could bring up a lot of controversy, but I do not think it will. At the end of the day, Lil Baby did have illegal substances in his possession, and that is justified for arrest.

Hopefully, Harden can get out of the off-court trouble and start actually performing like he’s supposed to with the Nets next season. Otherwise, we could be in for another whirlwind drama-filled off-season for James Harden.