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Kyrie and his Vaccination status: Two sides to every story

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As we all know the vaccination status of Kyrie Irving has caused some concerns among the top brass in Brooklyn and the media of the NBA world

The Brooklyn Nets

As we all know the vaccination status of Kyrie Irving has caused some concerns among the top brass in Brooklyn and the media of the NBA world. With Kyrie’s vaccination status being unknown it is a cause for concern of whether or not he will be able to play games at all at home or if his focus is even on the game of basketball.

Coming from the Brooklyn Nets point of you we can see how this can be a concerning situation to be in especially with the NBA season coming to a start in a couple of weeks. Reporting that Kyrie isn’t going to be at practice for home practices and is unable to really get a feel for the chemistry between him and his teammates really puts the organization in a tough situation.

What does the Future Look Like

Do they move forward with him or move on from him in the grand scheme of them trying to win a championship? There’s no question of Kyrie’s talent as a basketball player he is an all-time great and a Hall of Famer .

When it is all said and done with plenty of accolades to prove him as a basketball player, thus making the situation a tough one. You don’t wanna give up a generational player like Kyrie Irving because of a simple vaccination status.

The Teams Hopes

However you can also not halt the other players and parties involved for only one player. That player being Kyrie Irving and essentially waiting for him to make a choice either that choice being for himself or for the betterment of the team.

The team is hopeful that Kyrie Irving will get vaccinated and they will start to season together. This is their best hope and what they envision and from that standpoint downward. We can see that for them to only allow Kyrie Irving to play Road games won’t suffice for the team.

This is because it pertains to chemistry.  He’ll be popping in and out of the lineup especially when it comes playoff time.

They also see this as a financial trade situation. Possibly making a move to a situation that could better suit him and the team. However that would be a difficult situation because Kevin Durant would not want him to leave the team.

The Brooklyn Nets are in a tough situation.  They would like to see this play out with Khyrie getting the vaccination and playing with the team. If not they’ll have some difficult decisions to make along the way.

Kyrie Irving’s side

As it pertains to Kyrie Irving we all understand that he is quirky in his own right.  One thing that we also can understand is that he is a basketball genius. No one can question his talent or his accolades when it comes to the game of basketball.

He is a champion and is a top 15 player in this league and one of the league’s superstars. However Kyrie feels as though based on his newfound passions that the vaccine is not something that’s right for him. He has done his own research and believes that the vaccination isn’t something that we should be investing in especially those of us in the black community.

In Kyrie’s defense, when the flu shot was around there wasn’t a mandate to get the flu shot or not do your job. Covid has become a political stand, it is understandable why Khyrie sees the vaccine as he does.

He believes this is a way to force people to take a vaccine that they don’t wanna have to take at the cost of a job. He also wants to stand on his beliefs and as someone that has a platform and a face of this league. He wants to show people that thinking for yourself is more important than abiding by others blindly and there is some why is truth in that statement.

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