Firstly, let me open by saying that when I first was assigned this article, I thought that this was the best way to describe my relationship with the Miami Heat this season. It really has been a season to forget and sometimes remember. there have been more in between moments then I can remember in my entire 23 years of Miami Heat fandom. Throughout this, I will do my best to describe. How I have felt throughout the season.

Emotional Damage

Boy, how I wish I can transport all the way back to October of last year. There was so much hope coming off our soul crushing game seven Eastern conference finals loss against the Boston Celtics, which I was in attendance for (I don’t want to talk about it) that we thought, OK it wasn’t our year. Which I was OK with because not every year can go how you expect, but there was so much fanfare prior to the season that would make you think what’s the purpose of me writing this article if there was so much jubilation last season, the purpose of this article is frankly a therapy session for not only me but other heat fans around the world as well. I say that jokingly, but it really feels that way.

Wins and Losses

Unfortunately, for the Miami Heat wins in losses have come few and far between this season. We played some of our best games for example on a Thursday against the Brooklyn Nets, and then lose on a Friday to the lowly Orlando Magic. I get that there are injuries in the NBA but to tell me from one day to the next almost half of your team is injured is just incomprehensible. And not to mention that you leave your best player on the floor expecting help after forcing a game against set an Orlando Magic to overtime on a buzzer beater and go ahead and lose the game in overtime. Causing him to blast Nickelback in the locker room as motivation is just infuriating. Basketball is a team sport be there for your teammates. Don’t leave them alone on an island.

Winning Formula

When the Miami Heat play cohesive basketball, which, by the title of this article, you are safe to assume that that is very rare these days (you would be right) we are firing on all cylinders. from shot creation to spacing, We look like we can go contend in a seven game series against the Milwaukee Bucks. Not to mention the play of our second year and third year players, such as Tyler Herro and Gabe Vincent. Those two players have been bright spots and an otherwise dismal year. The heat is really on (put intended) when we play like a normal basketball team. It truly is fun to watch.


Even though I may be frustrated with the team at this current moment. I am still faithful to the team that I have loved since I was a kid. The way I see it is like it’s any relationship with anything we see, there are bound to be good days and bad days. I just wish they were more good than bad this season. but one thing remains… I will still live and die with this team. 601 Biscayne Boulevard will always be home. to the team, I say this, I still love you, even though you want to make me pull my hair out sometimes.