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Why Miami Will Be OK Without Compromising Their Star Power

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Here’s why I believe the Miami Heat will be OK in the Eastern Conference standings without compromising their star power.

Miami Can Still Compete

For one, they have a young/veteran core that they’re able to rely on to mentor the young players. They don’t have to worry about having to spend money necessarily on a key piece as many can step into various rules when needed on the team.

They can also depend upon the veterans to lead the team by example and show the young core what it means to be a team player so that when the eventual player departs the team for whatever reason be it retirement or trade, That young core can use the lessons instilled by said player to be able to lead the team to success.

Multiple Stars in Miami

Secondly, they have multiple players that can produce in game closing scenarios, where a singular player has to be relied upon to be able to will a team to victory. Take for example Jimmy Butler. Jimmy has been the primary star on the Miami Heat ever since he joined back in July 2019 via a sign and trade with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Since his coming to Miami, Jimmy has significantly tightened the ship acting as both a player and mentor to younger players on the team like Tyler Herro. Perhaps he’s most notable for his game five performance in the 2020 NBA finals in the infamous NBA bubble.

During this game, he averaged 35 points in over 47 minutes of play. This performance in my opinion truly emphasizes his role within the team that he can be relied upon in “ closer“ situations. Not to mention his confidence in his teammates by constantly giving them the ball and setting them up for success in game and in practice.

Best Coach in Business

Thirdly, I want to talk about not a player, but rather a coach. That coach being head coach Erik Spoelstra. Since Spoelstra joined the team as a video coordinator in 1997 he has been a fixture in heat culture ever since. Having taken over from Pat Riley in 2008, a lot was expected of Spoelstra his first year.

However, there were some growing pains in the beginning as there is with any person starting an entirely new job, but by the 3 year mark as head coach he already cemented himself as a top-tier head coach as he took the Miami Heat to four consecutive NBA finals appearances having won two out of the four appearances (Those wins being in 2012 and 2013).

Spolstra has since molded the team into his vision and truly has set a great blueprint for the future of the franchise. He has even gone on to achieve such accolades as nominee for NBA coach of the year in 2022, two time NBA championship winning head coach, and recently became a member of the NBA’s all-time 75th anniversary coaches list in 2021.

In closing, my advice to you all readers would be to just let things run its course, For there are exciting things happening at 601 Biscayne Boulevard.

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