James Harden

The way things can go at the NBA 2023 playoffs for the Sixers can determine where James Harden ends up. Harden at the moment has been unclear about his intentions to remain in Philadelphia. The Sixers might also feel that pairing Harden with Joel Embiid might not work out as smoothly as they thought.

Harden clearly is not the same type of player that fans are used to seeing. There are rumors that he could return to the Houston Rockets. This decision could come down to whether Houston gets the 1st overall NBA 2023 Draft pick and selects Victor ​​Wembanyama.

The likelihood of Harden returning to Houston is very much possible given all these circumstances.

Kyrie Irving

The controversial guard who was recently traded to the Dallas Mavericks is a free agent when the season ends. The Mavs went on a losing streak after the trade was made and were not able to make it into the Play-in cut. Mark Cuban will assess whether paying Irving could be a smart decision.

Signing Kyrie to any long-term deal has proven to be costly due to his off-court behavior. There have been rumors for a while that Kyrie has wanted to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Returning to pair up with former teammate Lebron James could give the Lakers another lifeline for a few more seasons.

I do not think the Mavericks re-sign Kyrie and the Lakers take a gamble and end up signing him.

Fred VanVleet

The Guard from Toronto is a Free Agent after this season and could be on the move. VanVleet was a big part of the 2019 Championship team and since then the Raptors identity has not been the same.

VanVleet is a top 10 guard in the NBA and his asking price could be too high for Toronto to match. They could have the idea of freeing up that cap space to bring in another player for their NBA 2023 team.

VanVleet could be on his way out of Toronto given a difference in the negotiations. VanVleet could possibly fit in great on a 2023 NBA team like the Clippers.

Khris Middleton

Khris Middelton has proven to be a fantastic second option on this Bucks team. He has already shown his ability to be a clutch playoff player by helping the Bucks win the 2020-21 Championship.

By all means Middleton is an important piece of this team and their future. However, injuries have prevented Khris from elevating to his full potential as of late. If Middleton can perform to high standards this postseason, I do believe the Bucks will give him a great deal.

I cannot see Middelton be the kind of player he’s been on another team than the Bucks. He has to be a part of this team in order for them to continue the great success.

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