The NBA and NCAA have been around for decades producing live basketball games for all of America. Although many people ask which is more exciting to watch, the answer to this question is the NBA.

The National Basketball Association is engaging throughout the off-season, regular season, and playoffs. College basketball is still exciting but pales in comparison to the NBA in the off-season and regular season.

The Off Season

Even after the NBA season ends with the champions enjoying their offseason. Fans get to engage still with trades and the draft. Reading updates on potential trades and seeing teams completely change their roster is enticing.

Being able to debate on what teams will be what seed, who will win the championship, good trades for each team, and what player you think each team will draft is more than enough to keep each fan satisfied in the off-season.

In contrast to the NBA, we don’t see this as much at the collegiate level of basketball. With so many teams in the NCAA, most people only follow theirs, which can stagnate during the time off the court.

The Regular Season

In the regular season, the NBA surpasses the collegiate level again. As most people will say, there are too many games in the NBA regular season. This is actually an advantage as you have a variety of games to watch.

What can be a problem in the NCAA where much better teams may face off against teams that have no chance of competing, which can become boring. As you know the outcome of the game before going into it. The NBA changes this with a variety of games playing each night, and you always have a chance to see two high-level teams compete at a high level.

The collegiate level of basketball does allow for the fans to get to the playoffs quicker, which is the most exciting part of the season.


There’s no doubt that march madness is one of if not the most exciting times in basketball each year. In this sixty-eight team single elimination tournament, each game is riveting as you see underdogs rise, cinderella stories start and finish, and a champion gets crowned.

This is much better than how the NBA runs its NBA playoffs. The playoff process is very long and drawn out to the championship series. As we see the top seeds blow out the lower seeds at the beginning of the tournament.

Following up, we have the series matchups everyone has waited for, but with only one to three games a week, it draws out the process even more. This is not the case for the NCAA, where the playoffs are quick and intense.

While both NCAA and NBA basketball is pure enjoyment for basketball fans, it’s undeniable for the majority of the year. The NBA is the preference for what basketball to watch.