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NBA Eastern Conference Contenders

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The 2021-22 Eastern Conference will look like last season for the most part. The top four seeds are the Bucks, Nets, 76ers, and Celtics.

The 2021-22 Eastern Conference will look like last season for the most part. Ben Simmons will probably not be playing for the 76ers (rumor), but most of the other teams have stayed the same. We will be covering the top four seeds in this conference.

The top four seeds are the Bucks, Nets, 76ers, and Celtics. Those are the teams I see being the best in the eastern conference, and two have a good shot making the Finals. Let’s get to predicting for each team.


The Nets are my number one seed and the team I see representing the East. They did get knocked out in the second round (to the NBA champions), and that series went to seven. To me, last year for the Nets was like Lebron’s first year with the Heat (good not great).

Any team with Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving are going to be predicted favorites. All three have great careers, and Harden will want to win his first ring. Also acquiring LaMarcus Alridge will provide solid minutes and become the fourth option for the Nets.

I predict them going 57-25 and winning the East (and are my preseason favorites winning the Finals). How talented this roster is, the only way they won’t make the Finals is if there is bad chemistry. We’ve seen Irving teams before with this problem, hopefully, the team can stay happy and win.


The Bucks will get the second seed and are still one of the better NBA teams. I still have the Nets, but the Bucks can easily go back to the finals if the Nets are struggling. The main reason they are my second seed is Giannis Antetokounmpo, he led this team to a championship, and he’ll try again.

They also kept Kris Middleton and basically the roster from last year. The biggest difference from last season is the Nets will be improved and will probably stop the repeat effort for the Bucks. If for some reason (injuries/bad chemistry) the Nets don’t improve, the Bucks will be back in the Finals.

I predict the Bucks going 55-27 and making it all the way to the Eastern Conference finals and losing. It will be a close series, but at the end of the day the Bucks are not as good as the Nets. However, Giannis will win another MVP this season.


I have the Celtics being the third seed and being a fierce team that loses to the Bucks or Nets. If either of those teams fall asleep the Celtics could jump in finals, they’ve almost done it twice now. Realistically they’ll lose to either the Nets or Bucks in the playoffs.

The Celtics have improved from last season, mostly from solidifying the center position with Al Horford. Also the bench is improved, the only part of the roster worse than last season is point guard. Overall this Celtics team will be a difficult team to beat and if a team sleeps on them, they’ll easily send them packing.

I predict the Celtics going 53-29 and losing in a close series to either the Nets or Bucks. The Celtics have improved, but are a star away from becoming championship contenders.


The 76ers were the top seed last year and lost to the Hawks in the second round. The 76ers are my fourth seeds for two big reasons, Ben Simmons. Next, the 76ers have not made it past the second round with this roster.

Even if the 76ers keep Simmons the team from achieving good chemistry. Think Kryie’s last season in Boston. They have a talented roster, but will need to prove that they can win the playoffs.

I predicted the 76ers going 50-32, and getting knocked out in the second round. Sorry, but I think they’re the weakest team on this list. They’ll have to prove themselves, (like the Celtics), but if everything goes right they could make the finals.

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