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NBA Opinion: The Clippers Tragedy

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Today we will discuss the tragedy that is the Los Angeles Clippers. We will discuss why they have not won a ring, and if this will be the year.

Today we will discuss the tragedy that is the Los Angeles Clippers. We will discuss why they have not won a ring, and if this will be the year. 

NBA Opinion: The Clippers Tragedy

I don’t have to tell you that the Clippers are not a historic sports team. There the second LA time, and they do play like the Lakers little brother. The Clippers are better now, then they have been for a long time, but will this roster win a ring. 

We will talk about the 2020, 21 and 22 seasons. Also, if this will be the first time this team can make western conference finals and the finals. Let’s sink our teeth into the Clippers.


Before the 2020 season, this was seen as the team that was going to the finals or at least go to the western finals. The hype was created because of adding Kawhi Leanord (fresh of NBA finals MVP) and Paul George.

This team was one of the best teams in the NBA season, they were playing like a powerhouse. Then the Covid-19 season happens and the season is put on hold for months. When the NBA deemed it was safe to play, every playoff team had to enter  the bubble. 

They were once again seen as the team to beat the Lakers and make the NBA finals, and they won the first series in six games against the Dallas Mavericks. In the second round they played the 3 seeded Nuggets, and they took a 3-1 lead.

What happened next would fit perfectly to the Blake Griffin era, they blew the lead and the Nuggets had the honor to get owned by Lebron. This was a big shook and this was the another example of tragedy of the Clippers


This team keeped the same roster, with no real big missing pieces. Once again this was seen as a team to win the west and make the finals. This year’s team wasn’t as good as the 2020 season, but still were the fourth seed.

However, even though they weren’t great, they were better than the Lakers. This team once again played the Mavericks and beat them in the first round. However Dallas played the Clippers tough and pushed the series to seven. 

Next they played and beat the Jazz in six games. For the first time ever this team will make the western conference finals, and they have to play the Suns. The Clipper fans felt an appearance and ring coming.

However they will lose to the Suns in six games, however unlike last year the Suns were the better team (also Kawhi was injured). The Clippers have known blown two golden opportunities for final appearances, will there be a third. 


They still got Leonard and George, and seem to have another good team that could make the finals. I expect this team to either be really good or be really medicorce. I don’t know why, but this seems like a season where the Clippers collapse and become a bottom 3 seed.

However they do have a chance to go to the finals, but they will have to prove they are better than the Lakers and Suns. To me they will win over fifty games, and make the second (maybe conference finals), but lose.

The west is either the Suns or Lakers, and the Lakers have some big question marks. I will say the Clippers are the third best team in the west on paper, but they have to show it. The Clippers window of opportunity is closing, and this might be their last good chance for awhile.

I wish all teams to a great 2021-22 season.

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