The National Basketball Association (NBA) is unveiling an assortment of trophies honoring the game’s most reputable players.

The league is celebrating its 75th season of operation and already released a list of the 75 greatest players ever to commemorate the milestone. The new trophies, named after Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Larry Bird, Bob Cousy, and Oscar Robertson, will highlight previously unnamed performances.

The most outstanding players in the Eastern Conference Finals will receive the Larry Bird Eastern Conference Finals MVP trophy, while the catalyst in the West will be granted the Magic Johnson Western Conference Finals MVP award. Additionally, the team that wins the ECF will be bestowed with the Bob Cousy Eastern Conference Finals trophy, while the top team in the West will earn the Oscar Robertson Western Conference Finals trophy.

Why the NBA is bringing new awards

Johnson and Bird are largely responsible for launching the game of basketball into a new echelon of popularity. Both were supremely talented and extraordinary watches, but they were also charismatic winners that laid it all on the line more than a few times.

“Larry and Magic defining the ’80s and having that bicoastal relationship representing their conferences like no other two people have,” said Christopher Arena, the NBA’s head of on-court and brand partnerships. “We just thought it was a perfect symmetry as you percolate up to the NBA Finals and you potentially win that Bill Russell Trophy, and obviously the winningest player we have in our history.”

Cousy, meanwhile, won six league titles as a member of the Boston Celtics and reached seven championship rounds. Robertson won the 1971 NBA Finals and reached the big stage twice in his extraordinary career.

“We considered potential namesakes, and we landed on those four for what we thought were some fairly obvious reasons,” Arena said.

Other ongoing changes

The new awards are not the only big changes the league is making to its commemorative process; the league recently unfurled new honors named after Kobe Bryant and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, highlighting excellence in the All-Star game and field of social justice, respectively. 

The Larry O’Brien championship trophy is also getting a facelift thanks to Los Angeles designer Victor Solomon and Tiffany & Co. The new award will have a circular base with past champions etched into it, as well as a redesigned upper portion.

The Bill Russell Finals MVP award also underwent a slight redesign with similar adaptations.

The new awards will be given out during the upcoming conference finals, which could begin as early as Sunday.