NBA Top Shot has launched a new era of trading cards and it has taken no time to become massive. Dapper Labs, a Cryptocurrency company, partnered with the NBA to come up with a new way to collect cards and this way is completely virtual and online.

NBA Top Shot has already done $230 million in sales with collectors and fans buying cards of different players highlighting their favorite and most memorable moments. The transactions that take place displaying the prices paid for the cards are listed on the NBA Top Shot website and all of the cards have different serial numbers that will determine value.

Collectors have the opportunity to purchase packs to land new cards and also can bid and purchase cards on the open market. NBA Top Shot reminds me a lot of NBA 2K’s My Team mode which allows gamers to collect different tiered cards of current and former NBA players to build a fantasy team to use in-game.

NBA Top Shot takes this to an entirely new level and there is a serious demand for these cards as they are limited unlike in NBA 2K where it seems there are thousands and thousands of each card.

Different Tiers of Cards

Like normal trading cards and collector items, different tiers determine the value of these cards. Rookie cards, autograph cards, or collectible cards will go for more money than more common cards like a fifth-year backup quarterback card and that is just how it goes.

NBA Top Shot has different tiers of cards with Commons being the cards of little value that are easy to collect, Rare which are more expensive cards that are harder to come by, and Legendary cards that go for thousands of dollars that are even more difficult to acquire.


Common cards are the easiest to get and are of the least value. Per player, there are many different common cards and these are the cards that are most likely to be in packs. On the market, these cards are the easiest to acquire. These cards will sell for anywhere between $1-$80.


These cards are more limited than common and go for a higher value. Rare cards can go from anywhere in the $100’s to even the thousands. These cards highlight even more epic moments that are more difficult to collect.


These are by far the most difficult cards to acquire and they go for some serious money. Legendary Top Shot cards are the most limited of their kind right now and go from anywhere in the low thousands to over $100,000.

What Makes These Cards Special

These cards are so special because they are not just a piece of cardboard they are an interactive online card that highlights a special moment in the player’s career. Some of the moments that are highlighted include a player’s dunk, an assist, a three-pointer, a jump shot, or even a block. The bigger the moment, the higher the price will be for the card.

The more exclusive and rare the card is you have the opportunity to unlock even better cards through sets. These sets unlock some of the most untouchable cards as you need to collect some of the best just to complete them.

Who Can Collect?

NBA Top Shot is open for anyone to collect their cards as you need to sign up for an account at Even NBA players have made accounts and jumped into the hype! Right now on their website, they are limiting the number of accounts that can be made right now due to high demand.


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