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Two new teams are attempting to get Kevin Durant, can they pull it off?

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Two new NBA teams have been in contact with the Brooklyn Nets to try and acquire Kevin Durant…do they have any chance of getting him?

As of this morning, we got the news that two new teams have either made an offer for Kevin Durant or are interested in doing so. Both of these teams have a viable reason to go for Kevin Durant…but can they pull it off?

In this article I will be breaking down two things for each team:

  1. Is there a viable reason for the team to trade for Kevin Durant right now?
    2. Can that team put together a package that would beat out the other offers currently standing?

So without further ado, let’s begin with the first team, the Memphis Grizzlies.

Memphis Grizzlies: Could Ja Morant and KD team up?

The first team that is reportedly now in on the Kevin Durant sweepstakes is the young roster of the Memphis Grizzlies. This is a team that has a bright future and should be competing in the deep playoffs within the next few seasons if their players continue to develop as they have. With that said, should they even consider getting Kevin Durant?

In my opinion, if Ja Morant or Jaren Jackson Jr. have to be involved, the Grizzlies need to hang up the phone immediately. According to Shams Charania, Jaren Jackson Jr. and Desmond Bane were made unavailable by Memphis, which is a good start for sure. If they can get Kevin Durant and keep together a big 3 of him, Ja, and JJJ they will be in a really good spot.

Now, the more interesting part, is how can they get a KD deal to go through and outbid the other teams in the running? First off, they have 5 available first-round picks to trade, which is a great basis for the deal as not every team is able to do this with the Stepien Rule preventing first-rounders in back-to-back years from being traded.

On top of this, you’d almost 100% be looking at Dillon Brooks being involved, as Kevin Durant would be taking the starting SF position anyways and Brooks is still relatively young. You would also have to add David Roddy more than likely to sweeten the deal, as a young player with relatively high upside will appeal to Brooklyn. They could definitely get a deal done with the assets they currently have though.

Atlanta Hawks: Trae Young and KD form a phenomenal perimeter duo

The other team reportedly in the running would be the Atlanta Hawks, who interestingly enough actually have made an offer already.

The Atlanta Hawks are a team that I frankly think should not consider trading for Kevin Durant, as they would very likely have to give up one of their two young star guards. With such a deficit of first-round picks due to trading for Dejounte Murray recently, the odds they can get Kevin Durant are low without including Murray or Trae, which is obviously an overpay.

The current offer that the Hawks reportedly made, according to NBACentral was John Collins, De’Andre Hunter, and a draft pick, which is clearly not enough considering the other offers that have been made already. Onyeka Okongwu and A.J. Griffin would need to be the basis of a Hawks trade for KD, as well as Collins and another pick potentially.

The Nets are clearly looking for young assets, so Onyeka and Griffin would both be extremely viable in this case. For the Hawks, they could have a lineup of Trae, Murray, De’Andre Hunter, KD, and Clint Capela, which is intriguing for sure. But I would not recommend making a deal unless they are giving up fair value.

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