Two NBA players, Richaun Holmes and Bruno Caboclo, violated coronavirus safety protocols and are spending days in quarantine.

The Sacramento and Houston athletes, respectively, are being quarantined on the Disney campus. According to Mike Bass, NBA spokesman, both players are spending a minimum of 10 days in quarantine.

Bass added that Holmes and Caboclo are being quarantined after disobeying guidelines set for those in the NBA Bubble. They reportedly had interactions with individuals outside of the Disney entrance gate.

These were not terms agreed upon by the NBA or the NBA Players Association. Holmes released a public statement on Twitter to set the record on straight on how events truly went down.

What endangered the health of these athletes and all others in the bubble?

Holmes claims that after his initial period of quarantine after arriving on site, he briefly and without much thought, crossed the campus’ line to pick up a food delivery. In his statement, he apologized for his thoughtless actions and hopes to join his team soon.

Caboclo, on the other hand, simply decided to leave his hotel room during the initial quarantine period. Because of this, he has also had to spend additional time in quarantine.

It is clear that Caboclo made this choice knowing the consequences considering athletes had been told multiple times before and upon arrival of what they were and were not allowed to do.

Players in quarantine on the Disney campus were not given permission to leave their rooms until testing negative for COVID-19, two times within 24 hours.

Once Holmes and Caboclo re-enter the bubble, they will be subject to much heavier coronavirus testing. This includes utilizing the more invasive and accurate COVID-19 testing, otherwise known as the nasopharyngeal swab. They will also be subject to a minimum of 10 days of additional quarantine.

The NBA had already been clear in addressing their rules on the bubble, and specifically, food delivery after creating new safety and health protocols to protect all those on site. Any delivery drivers, specifically food delivery drivers, are instructed to enter through a designated security gate and drop-off point. This is where personnel wear full protective gear, retrieve the food, wipe the bags with disinfectant wipes, and then contact whoever the order belongs to for pickup in the team’s meal room.

Time for Athletes and Individuals Alike to Step Up

After COVID-19 cases continue to skyrocket, it is more important now than ever for all individuals to take the necessary precautions. This is not only to protect said individual, but one another, as well.

Athletes are known to be prominent figures of society and role models for people around the globe. It is important for athletes like Holmes and Caboclo to embody the values health experts are trying so badly to instill in the American population.

NBA athletes have been given clear guidelines and safety protocols on how best to handle these unique and sensitive circumstances. It is only right that they follow them.

Athletes that are constantly in the limelight need to set the example for the public who easily defend their actions.
Florida reached record-breaking numbers on Sunday with 15,000 plus COVID-19 cases reported. It is critical for all Americans to take the necessary steps to ensure their own safety and the health of others.

As someone who tested positive for COVID-19, it is not an easy feat to stay uninfected. COVID-19 was not something I planned for, nor something I was expecting after taking care of myself so diligently.

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