The play-in tournament is behind us and we’re on to the first round. We’ll be doing previews for every series. Here is the Washington Wizards vs Philadelphia 76ers betting preview.

Here’s what I’m thinking for the first round of the NBA playoffs. Below this blurb are all the ranks for each team that I will discuss. Use this as a resource. I’ve consolidated offensive and defensive ranks (equation at bottom of table), offensive and defensive preferences, and pace of play. I’ve also tacked on recent performance, key injuries, and betting trends.

The hope is that we find overlap between a team strength and another team weakness, or vice versa. This is nothing more than a guide. I’ll be making a few picks at the end, but I hope more than anything that this helps give you a look into how each team matches up.

These series previews will be all-encompassing. Logically, any advantage that would apply for one team should hold pat for the entire series.

Let’s get to it. Follow me on Twitter, @griffybets, for all things NBA this postseason. Drop me a line with any feedback or ideas for stats you’d like to see included!

Washington WizardsPhiladelphia 76ers
Offense rank: 16

Threes rank: 26

Pts in paint: 5


Defense rank: 22

Perimeter D: 15

Opp. pts in paint: 18


Pace: 3

Offense rank: 15

Threes rank: 17

Pts in paint: 17


Defense rank: 4

Perimeter D: 9

Opp. pts in paint: 8


Pace: 19

Last 10 GamesLast 10 Games



ATS recordATS record



O/U recordO/U record




Odds to win SeriesOdds to win Series


Regular Season Head-to-Head
Sixers won, 3-0


  • Offensive/Defensive ranks calculated by averaging (points per game, EFG% and efficiency)
  • Pace calculated by averaging (field goals attempted per game and possessions per game)
  • Threes/Perimeter defense calculated by averaging (threes made per game and 3P%)

Shoutout to for the above stats. That site has everything you could ever ask for – this is just a taste of the numbers they consolidate for you. Consider perusing the site to dig into areas of the game you’re curious about.

Series Schedule: Washington Wizards vs Philadelphia 76ers

Game 1: Sunday 5/23

Game 2: 5/26

Game 3: 5/29

Game 4: 5/31

Game 5: 6/2

Game 6: 6/4

Game 7: 6/6

Thoughts on the Series: Washington Wizards vs Philadelphia 76ers

Philly finally processed the duo of Embiid and Simmons into the top seed in the East. Their success has started on the defensive end, as one of the best and most well-rounded units in the NBA.

The Wizards securing the eighth seed after where they were in the standings at the beginning of April is amazing. Still, it feels like the Cinderella run will meet its end in the first round.

Philly is just significantly better on both ends. They swept the season series and will look to do the same in this one.

The Sixers’ average offense should have its way against Washington’s poor defense. And the Wizards fine offense is going to struggle against Philly’s elite defense.

The pick here is simple.

Stat Leaders for Each Team

If you want to include some Wizards/Sixers in your DFS lineups or prop picks, the below players are where I’d recommend starting.


  • Bradley Beal: 31.3 ppg
  • Russell Westbrook: 45.4 PRApg


  • Joel Embiid: 28.5 ppg, 10.6rpg
  • Tobias Harris: 19.5 ppg
  • Ben Simmons: 28.4 PRApg
  • Seth Curry: 45.0% 3P%, 4.9 3PApg
  • Danny Green: 40.5% 3P%, 6.3 3PApg

Favorite Bets for the Series

The only nightly target for me is likely the Sixers spread. There is no other advantage on paper for either offense. Philly is the superior team, and should handle business against this Washington team.

Embiid has had a monster season, and his props are likely where I’d start if value presents itself.

Beal and Westbrook have been playing great, but this Sixers defense is designed to stop these types of players, and I bet they will.

GriffyBets Nightly Targets: Sixers spread, Maybe Embiid OVER points

Series winner: Philadelphia

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