Last year‘s NBA playoff run was an instant classic as the NBA has reached a level where players are performing at peak potential and I believe the level of the game has risen. With the Golden State Warriors being last year‘s previous NBA champions I can only wonder what is in store for the NBA playoff in the upcoming future.

As an NBA fan, I am naturally drawn to my home team but I wonder what potential NBA playoff contenders will we be seeing in the following seasons. The Golden State Warriors were able to overshine their competitors and win the NBA championship. The Golden State Warriors were a team that was slept on but overcame much adversity to win their first championship in recent years

I believe at the top of the running for a potential NBA playoff team to look out for is the Philadelphia 76ers. Granted everything is dependent on off-season trades in the moves that organizations make in the off-season but based on last-use statistics and outcomes we can make an unbiased opinion and decision on where teams can end up in the following season.

People underestimate how important the executive decisions during the off-season are relying on your team‘s performance during in-season and NBA playoff games.

With the recruitment of James Harden, the Duo of him and Joel Embiid seem unstoppable and reminiscent of Kobe and Shaq back in the Los Angeles Laker’s prime days. Both Joel and James Harden are two unguardable players on the offensive end of the court but can these two play styles mesh and their dynamic work on the defensive end of the court.

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Lakers Star Lebron

The Los Angeles Lakers came up short this last season but any team was LeBron James on the roster is likely to be an NBA playoff contender as LeBron James is one of the greatest to ever play the game.

Lebron can carry a team to playoff status and best believes that the executives working on the Lakers side are working towards the requirement of great players to surround Anthony Davis and LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers can find themselves to be successful in the upcoming season. LeBron James is coming up on his 19th season in the NBA and there’s no doubt that his longevity in the league is unmatched and will be forced to be wrecking with in the upcoming season.

Bucks Success

Giannis Antetokounmpo for the Milwaukee Bucks was the previous year’s MVP in NBA champion but was unable to secure a championship as Stephen Curry took over his throne.

In my opinion, the Milwaukee Bucks have the greatest opportunity to be the biggest contenders in the playoffs in the following season as I believe Johnisha Antetokounmpo will carry the team towards playoff success. It is up to the executives on the Milwaukee Bucks staff to acquire players that will complement Giannis‘s game and allow them the most success that they are capable of reaching

In my opinion, there is no definite answer on which NBA team will be NBA champions in the upcoming season but I believe the Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks are the two teams most liable to cause a threat to competitors in the NBA playoff and the Golden State Warriors must watch out as they are building teams to be the offensive power of Stephen Curry Klay Thompson.