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Three Reasons Tacko Fall Signing Could Be Beneficial for Cavs

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The offseason has not been eventful for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They didn’t’ sign anyone until August 31st, where they made a move. The Cavs signed Tacko Fall.

The offseason has not been a fun one for the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers. They didn’t’ sign a new player until the end of August. They made a good trade with Minnesota but then did nothing for weeks after the draft. And the team is still stuck with Kevin Love, who is still reluctant to take a buyout.

But, on August 31st, they made a move. They signed Tacko Fall. Of course, Taco Tuesday is the day that it happened. The team also traded beloved big man Larry Nance Jr. for Lauri Markkanen, who struggles to play, stay healthy, and/or play defense.

This could be a good thing, actually. Let me explain.

Depth at the Center Position

The Cavaliers re-signed Jarrett Allen to a five-year deal. They drafted Evan Mobley. But they lost Isaiah Hartenstein, who doesn’t appear as if he’ll be coming back. And so, the team has just two guys who can play the center position.

Signing Tacko to a non-guaranteed deal could be just what they need. He spent the past two years with the Boston Celtics, around the likes of Daniel Theis and Robert Williams. He wasn’t used too often, but when he came in, he’d have nice short stretches. Nevertheless, he is, in fact, 7’4.

When you’re as big as Fall, you can come in sometimes and just provide instant offense. He’s so big that nobody is going to grab the ball from him. He won’t get blocked. Plus, with only a pair of other true centers, it could be interesting. This being his third NBA campaign, he still qualifies as a two-way contract candidate.

There will likely be a few other guys who sign with CLE in the coming days as they set their training camp roster. But, Fall should get to prove himself.

The Cleveland Cavaliers signed Tacko Fall. And of course, it happened on Taco Tuesday.

The Promos

LeBron James is a big fan of tacos. And then, a song was made out of his videos, posted by House of Highlights. It was a Tuesday when the Fall signing was announced. And no, this is not a move to try and get LeBron out of LA. But, it could create some fun opportunities for the marketing team.

For every game the Cavs have on a Tuesday, the team can do deals where if the Cavs win, fans in attendance get a taco from a local place. They can give away team merchandise to those in attendance if they come dressed up as a taco.

The Cavs were top 3 in attendance in the NBA the year after LeBron went to Miami. So, fans will be out in numbers next year, no matter what. But the taco puns, jokes, and giveaways could be fun.

Positive Media Attention

For reasons we cannot pinpoint, the media hates the Cavs. They want Collin Sexton to play for another team. They didn’t give them a single national TV game this year. And they also want them to trade for Ben Simmons.

But signing Fall could put them in well with the media. Just like how everyone loves Boban, the same is true of Tacko. And if he plays for the Cavs, they might get some House of Highlights and Bleacher Report love.

It took Sexton dropping 40+ on the Nets’ new big three for them to make it last year. When Darius Garland scored 37 against the Spurs, it was crickets. Okoro went for 31 against the Phoenix Suns? Crickets.

Lamar Stevens game-winning dunk against the Atlanta Hawks? Pretty much the same thing. Absurd as it is, the Fall moments would get more notoriety than any of them. When you’re huge and play basketball, people tend to like you. Unless your name is Kristaps Porzingis.

I’m personally tired of the unnecessary slander on this team. I’d welcome Fall. Why not? Let’s get some love from the outside. While also getting rid of Love from inside the organization. Win-win situation.



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