Reggie Jackson and his Los Angeles Clippers were unceremoniously eliminated last night by the Phoenix Suns, as the Suns are advancing to their first NBA Finals in nearly 30 years.

How was Reggie Jackson “Saved”?

However, there was one player who showed extreme gratitude at the end of the game for being brought into the Clippers organization. 

“It was the most challenging year. The most fun year. Not sure when you’re gonna play. Ups and downs. Guys getting injured. Still finding my way in this locker room. First thing I told those guys was ‘thank you for saving me,’”

Clippers guard Reggie Jackson said.

“I appreciate it. I appreciate every guy in that locker room. I appreciate Paul [George] for getting on that phone last year and the end of the season as time went by in Detroit. I’m thankful for everything I’ve experienced here.”

Jackson had a heck of a playoff run, as he averaged 17.8 points per game on 48.4 percent shooting from the floor, stepping up in the absence of Kawhi Leonard.

Despite Jackson being just 31 years old and showing no real signs of slowing down, he contemplated retirement before the start of the season, thinking that his NBA career wasn’t meant to be.

Jackson put up solid numbers across his 5+ seasons with the Detroit Pistons, but it never led to any wins and the Pistons made the playoffs just twice during his time there, getting swept in the first round both times. 

That led the Pistons and Jackson to part ways in the middle of the 2019-20 season, ending a stint that many thought should’ve gone better, especially when you consider that the Pistons brought him in to be their cornerstone point guard. 

It’s hard to fault Jackson for considering retirement before the start of the season. Jackson was the scapegoat for many of the problems in Detroit, and COVID-19 ravaged literally the entire world, which caused many human beings to re-evaluate their situations. The problems that transpired in the Pistons’ organization were also far beyond Jackson. 

However, Jackson wisely chose to continue his playing career, and now that he’s entering free agency at the right time, he could potentially set himself up well for a major payday. If you ask him, though, he seems to want to stick with the Clippers a bit longer. 

“This city makes me feel at home. This organization welcoming me. My quirks, my strengths, my weaknesses,”

Jackson said.

“I’m not here today without this team. I’m not still playing without this team. I thank them for everything. In my heart this will forever be a special year.

“Like I said, it sucks that we didn’t win it, but I ride with those guys. Those guys rode with me all year and I ride with those guys. That’s what makes this one tougher. That makes this one extremely tough. To be the ones that, not getting the win, to be the ones at the end of the season, not the ones hoisting the trophy.”

Plenty of teams will be looking to add a point guard this offseason, so Jackson’s market should be robust. 

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