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Rookie of the Year Candidate

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Who are the NBA rookie of the year candidates? Read this article to find out!

July is here in the NBA Summer league as among us as a top draft this debut their talents and skills to the world. The biggest question that lingers throughout rumors within the NBA is who will be selected rookie of the year after the upcoming NBA season. Taking a look at top draftees’ summer league performances can give us insight into the future of their careers.

OKC Thunders Rookie Chet


Chet Holmgren recently played his first Summer League game against the Utah Jazz and was nothing short of perfect. The No. 2 overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft logged 23 points, seven rebounds, four assists, and six blocks. Chet was all over the stat sheet as he stunned the fans with one of the best summer league debuts in years.

This debut was so impressive because of the matchups that Chet faced throughout the game. He was able to show his versatility as he rebounded the ball and pushed it up court scoring in a multitude of ways and dishing the rock appropriately. I can only imagine the executives that are working behind the scenes in Oklahoma are smiling very hard as they drafted a potential franchise player.

2-Way Sleeper

Kenny Lofton Jr. recently went undrafted a couple of days ago and secured a two-way with the Memphis grizzlies. Lofton seems to be asleep in the NBA draft as he’s been consistently hooping at a high level. Recently Kenny matched up against Chet Holmgren and seems to be dominating the number to an overall draft pick. Starting the game off fire hitting his first three shots and being physically imposing upon Chet.

Lofton was able to use his size and quickness to overcome Chet’s large wingspan advantage. The biggest downside to chat is his size and small frame, and the biggest downside to Kenny was his big frame in teams they in him to be in the best shape to play the game. Kenny has proved doubters wrong and has been performing at a high level as he put out. Lofton finished with a game-high 19 points, six rebounds, and three assists in a victory over the Utah jazz recently. Kenny Lofton is making his presence felt and is averaging 14 points per game while shooting 54.5%.

First Overall performance

Paolo Banchero Is gearing up to compete in his first summer league game today July 7 against the Houston Rockets. I know all Ice will be on the number one overall draft pick and will expect big numbers out of him as top draft he‘s has been playing well. With a lot of pressure and bonus shoulders as he was the number one pick, but I believe that rookie first game jitters will go away soon, and he will be able to have a rookie of the year notable performance. It is hard to see how his career will end up or if he will win rookie of the year but based on collegiate stats, I believe he has the

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