With the NBA preparing for its return on July 30, NBA players have reportedly made use of the anonymous hotline provided by the league to report violations of coronavirus protocol in the NBA bubble.

NBA’s Snitch Hotline

The league set up its own ‘tip line’ to take anonymous reports on players and officials who do not adhere to quarantine restrictions. This was set up for the safety of everyone inside the bubble.

Anyone who violates the protocol, such as leaving the Orlando campus without prior approval, or not wearing a face mask, are subjected to a 10-14 day self-quarantine, reduction in compensation for games missed, and enhanced coronavirus testing with the wretched deep-nasal swab.

At least two players had to restart the quarantine process for breaking the rules. Richaun Holmes of the Sacramento Kings crossed the NBA’s campus line to pick up delivery food, and Houston Rockets forward Bruno Caboclo intentionally left his room during the quarantine period.

The league has already received numerous reports of players breaking the safety protocols, and the players who disobeyed have received warnings from the league.

The Bro Code

Although the hotline was made for safety purposes, some players were not happy about the “snitch line” and consider it wrong to tell on your fellow athletes. Players have been making fun of the hotline on social media and have advised their teammates not to use it.

Brooklyn Nets forward Spencer Dinwiddie, who is not in Orlando, advised players to avoid using the hotline. Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz center, called the tip line “petty,” and just expects players to follow the guidelines.

Some people immediately began making jokes about the hotline on social media. They posted on Twitter that Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Chris Paul is the snitch because he earned his team a technical free throw after pointing out that an opposing player entered the game with an untucked jersey. CBS Sports also made a clip where the CBS social team put together a video pretending to be on the hotline and making jokes about NBA players.

Dwight Howard in the NBA Bubble

Dwight Howard was one of the first players to receive a warning for not wearing his face mask in the NBA bubble. Although he was irritated for being ‘snitched on,’ he has not hidden the fact that he has not been wearing a mask in the bubble ever since he went to Orlando. On July 19, the Los Angeles Lakers center opened up on Instagram Live and said that he did not believe in vaccination.

He also said, “I personally do not see a risk of us getting it during the time period we are here.”

He is not worried about the coronavirus within the campus because players and staff are tested regularly and restricted to certain areas. However, according to Yahoo Sports, players, coaches, and staff members could be exposed to the virus inside the campus because Disney World employees who are working inside the bubble can come and go. This makes it crucial for everyone inside the bubble to weak a face mask in indoor and outdoor places.