Well we’re only 4 to 5 games into the start of the NBA season we have been given a glimpse of how the teams have better themselves and early struggles that teams have that may become big problems within the future. Teams that we thought would not be any good have come out the gates, proving themselves to be formidable teams that other assumed top-tier teams should look out for.

Eastern Conference

In the east, the top teams as of right now are the Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Hornets, Washington Wizards, New York Knicks and the Miami Heat. These teams are sitting at the top five spots in the Eastern conference right now with 3 to 4 wins and 0 to 1 losses to start out. Before the season started the assumed super teams within the NBA with big names, that being the Bucks, 76ers, Nets and Celtics, would be assumed to have the top spots as of right now because of the talent on their teams and the coaching.

However at this moment these teams are having early troubles that put them in the lower seeds than previously assumed. It seems credit is due to the teams that are in the top spots right now because that means during the off-season they have made key changes and developments to the team that have given them the courage and talent to compete with these big-name top-tier teams. Notable trades and changes in coaching staff have brought these teams to another level in hopes to make it to the playoffs and win the championship.

Western Conference

Switching over to the Western Conference, no one could’ve foresaw the Warriors having the best record in the west as of right now along with Minnesota Utah and Kings. These teams for the most part have proven that their players are good enough to hang with the offenses and defensive names in the Western Conference that make it so formidable.

With the LA Lakers, LA clippers, Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns all taking the lower seeds it is quite surprising to see that both in the west and east the big-name teams that were in the playoffs last year or not faring well against teams that weren’t in the playoffs last year.

This could be due to off-season trades or injuries or teams just becoming better, however one thing is for certain that these teams now deserve credit for showing the courage and playing the way that they have been playing in the servants of these top spots.

It is very important that we understand that as of right now the season is just beginning and there’s no cause for panic in these big name teams and on the other hand there’s no cause for complacency in the lesser known teams. The season has just begun and the struggles that are found early will be worked through, and it’ll be up to these top seeding teams to maintain their energy and motivation to maintain those spots while also getting better. And it’ll be up to the big-name teams to have their superstars and role players mesh together to form a cohesive unit.