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These transfers are going to bring a spark to these colleges and here’s why:

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These are the recruits that are going to have a significant impact on their transferred schools this season, alongside their ranking and skill breakdown.

This year had the most college transfers the NCAA has ever seen, due to the new one-time transfer rule and this might change the nature of college basketball as we know it. These high class recruits no longer have to sit out one year upon transferring and this gives a lot of seniors looking to spring their ambitions in their last year of eligibility a chance to showcase their talent.

These are the recruits that are going to have a significant impact on their transferred schools this season, alongside their ranking and skill breakdown.

Marcus Carr, 6-2, G, Junior, Texas (#1)

This former Minnesota transfer is ranked number one on the transfer portal and is the most sought after recruit. He is on his way to Texas which he will fit just right in providing a higher scoring efficiency for the Longhorns, with starting guard Matt Coleman departing.

This 195 pound guard is looking to take the starting guard position and he fits just right with Texas playstyle, aggressive and ready to get to the basket at all times with a frequent scoring proficiency.

He averaged 19.4 points per game, 4.9 assists per game and 4.0 rebounds per game, this guard does it all on and off the ball. He is highly efficient on the pick and roll and capable of creating his own shots to make winning plays. He often takes tough shot selections and Texas will give him a better foundation to create better opportunities on the court for more proficient scoring.

Noah Locke, 6-3, G, Junior, Louisville (#34)

This Florida transfer is just what Louisville needs after losing Nickleberry, Locke is what your generic SEC guard is built like and his 40 percent 3 point shooting adds to that. He has the ability to create his shots on and off the ball and is an absolute dagger from anywhere on the floor.

Louisville is the perfect place for him to transfer to because they are know for having great slashing guards and that knowledge and training from coaches who have coached some of the best slashers, coupled with Locke’s impressive 3 point shooting he is one of the best steals in the transfer class.

Locke has proved that he can be a first or even second option having to step up in huge moments when Florida’s best player and leading scorer Keyontae Johnson had to end his season, there is high anticipation for Locke this season as he is a senior so he is a seasoned player that will have to adapt to his new environment and maintain his efficiency.

Myreon Jones, 6-3, G, Junior, Florida (#35)

Jones came off a phenomenal season at Penn state averaging 15.3 points per game and shooting the ball 40 percent from the 3. He will serve as former Florida guard Noah Locke’s replacement and he is anticipated to be an offensive anchor for Florida.

He has a knack for making difficult shots and a high basketball IQ as he distributes the ball exceptionally well, if he perfects his pick and roll scoring he could potentially have his name in the NBA draft talk.

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