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Top 3 NBA Players That Will Shock the World During the 2022-23 Season

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With the NBA Summer League at hand, we start to wonder which NBA players will turn it up next season. Read as Tommy Burch lists 3 of his favorites and why they’ll shock the league during the 2022-23 season.

With the NBA Summer League a few days from completion, we got to witness some of the best young NBA players duke it out for a roster spot. With teams searching for their next young talent, the players need to prove their ability to the masses.

As I watch the summer league and see some lesser-known young players shine, it made me think about the regular season. Every year, there’s a player who comes out of the shadows and makes an unbelievable impact on a roster. I mean, why else would we have a Most Improved Player award?

Today I want to look deeper than that. Maybe not a MIP candidate, but someone who’s going to take a step up. Whether that’s from a role player to a full-fledged starter or a star into a superstar, these players will find a much stronger impact than ever before during the 2022-23 season.

The Year of Jalen Brunson

Brunson was a solid starting point guard during his time in Dallas. He’s improved every year he’s played and found quality minutes on the court.

However, last season shined a light on what he’s really capable of, most impressively in the playoffs. He averaged 16 points and 5 assists a game on good shooting splits during the regular season, and almost 22 points and 4 assists during the playoffs.

What really proved his ability to step up was his performance while Luka Doncic was out. He scored 41 points in a close game against Utah and scored no less than 20 the entire first round.

His new home in New York may be the best place for him, with budding stars across their lineup. Brunson will show his truest of colors once the season begins, and we may see an all-star birth in our future.

Sophomore Skyrocket for Franz Wagner

Possibly the most underrated rookie of last season, Franz Wagner of the Orlando Magic was a player to watch. He played every role in a young and fast offense, with incredible frame and athleticism.

As a 6’10” rookie, Wagner averaged 15 points and 4.5 rebounds over 79 games played with incredible rookie shooting splits. His versatility on a rebuilding team helped them win games, and he was a highlight to that.

He can play the 3-5 in positionless basketball, and will always find himself minutes. After performing at such a high level for a year, with the right mentality, this kid could hit 18-20 ppg.

Anthony Edwards Statement

Anthony Edwards was already an all-star caliber player in year 2, but year 3 bodes for something much better. Edwards is on track to be an All-NBA player and a possible MVP candidate in a couple of years.

I know, that’s a very bold statement to make. But you see what this guy does on the court and wonder if it’s superhuman. This guy can jump out of the gym, shoot the lights out, and play incredible defense.

Alongside this, he has the mentality of a superstar. He knows he’s good, but he wants to prove it. He’s a hard worker, a playmaker, and has all the pieces he needs to shut down the NBA.

With the addition of Rudy Gobert as a real paint presence, KAT is going to have more fun spacing the floor, and Ant is going to hold down the perimeter. He may turn out to be the No. 1 scoring option on the team, or equal to KAT. He’s something special, and watching him next season will prove my point.

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